Update: We are at war





By:  Diane Benjamin

Please read to the bottom and then share 

Jenn Carrillo was brought illegally to this country by her parents.  If her parents broke the law to provide a better life for the family that’s understandable.  Jenn isn’t here for a better life however.

She is the founder of one of the local Black Lives Matter groups even though she isn’t black.  She is a member of the local Democratic Socialists of America.  Socialism is the opposite of what America stands for.  She is employed by People’s Action in Chicago.  Another socialist group.  She supports the local Illinois People’s Action.  Also socialists.    She wants the police de-funded.   She wants bail eliminated so accused are released immediately.

Jenn wants her supporters to believe they aren’t capable of achieving the American Dream.  She wants them to believe America has always been an evil country and therefore it must be destroyed and rebuilt.

Carrillo isn’t trying to help anyone.

She is merely trying to affect the November election. 

Why is this looting suspect wearing a Black Lives Matter mask?

bloom blm

What happens if police are de-funded?

great one

The State Police can’t keep up with the applications for FOID cards.  No surprise.  She wants social workers to go on calls related to mental illness.  Jenn, people don’t dial 911 because the person in question is being reasonable.  How did Tari’s “social work”  at Kohl’s go?

Here’s a question for all Jenn’s social justice warriors:

fair share

New development:

One of Jenn’s buddies started a list of local businesses that need boycotted.  Below is just part of the list:

  • If you support Trump – you made the list.
  • If you think “All Lives Matter”, you made the list.
  • If you support Republicans, you made the list.

Jenn was never about “democracy”.  She wants to silence all voices who believe in American values like freedom and liberty for all instead of redistribution of wealth.  At best she’s a bully, at worst she needs to be on the terrorist watch list.

I redacted the names, no free publicity here.  Note:  The radicals are judge and jury on the character of people they don’t even know.  Are they inciting violence against these businesses?  The looters didn’t exist before the Black Lives Matter protests.  Will the people NAMED be targets next?

Central Illinois Local Business Boycott list - Google Drive

Christians know who wins in the end.  This fight is not between law and order and Jenn Carrillo’s ideology.

It is between Good and Evil.

Pick a side, your decision will have eternal consequences.  For those who place their faith in God instead of government, it is past time to be on your knees.  It is still more than 5 months until the election.lincoln

Expect miracles:

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”   Mark 10:27

It will get worse before it gets better though.

19 thoughts on “Update: We are at war

  1. Lincoln was a very wise man! I can’t imagine that the local business community, liberal or conservative, would tolerate this list. They might be next if they would go against jenn. This behavior is sneeky chicago politics.


  2. If you are not armed, you should make it a point to GET armed. Maybe even consider getting a conceal carry permit?


    This is not a joke anymore. These communists are VERY serious.

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  3. However Jenn Carillo is a policeman policing her own groups by telling them what they can and cannot do. Failure to follow those edicts by said authority will be enforced through expulsion and or by the warlord and his cohorts who will be stomping your face into the ground. Similar to the six block chaz zone in Seattle, the organizers are already fighting among themselves for power. It’s nothing differnet that what they say they are fighting against. Six blocks and one police precinct. Appalling but really no big deal considering the size of Seattle. It is only a small area, with only a small minority of it’s population. They might double their 15 minutes of fame but i wouldn’t put money on it.


  4. The same thing happened to me with Sonny Garcia. These people are evil. I posted in a online debate with Sonny that I love America before let radical socialist destroy it and turn it into Venezuela.
    Sonny than demanded I post the Black Lives Matter logo to my facebook profile and if I didnt he would assume I was a white national terrorist and a danger to our community. I refused than he made a facebook post of me and my latino wife calling me a white national terrorist and telling people to call the police if they see me near a rally.
    I was going to let it go but I may talk to the States Attorney. These liars and bullies need to be stopped. Where is NIOT?

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    1. I’m not playing this game, link deleted. We are the adults who have conversations, not lowering ourselves to their level. Diane

      Here you go. Lets make a point NOT to go to these establishments. You may have to “copy” and “Paste” if you can’t access it.


      1. I’m sorry Diane. Truly didn’t feel I was lowering myself to their standards…just trying to be fair. I honestly thought I found an outlet where we could be honest and not feel as though I am being judged but alas…
        You will not be hearing from me nor will I read your articles…I am obviously on the wrong side. Go Trump!

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  5. Trying to keep everyone in (his) line. Sounds like Sonny Garcia is policing his groups too. Not that he deserves the honor of being a police officer but Sonny sure does enjoy the power, doesn’t he? He tries to hurt and destroy through intimidation and incite others to who knows what.

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  6. Is he still working at ISU? They have already lost one Civil Rights Lawsuit for discrimination. Maybe it’s time for another.


  7. These people are bullies! Jenn Carrillo needs to be removed from the council. She is an enemy of the US. Her hashtags prove it.

    I would love to know which businesses need my support. That list will be very helpful.

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  8. The self absorbed horrible human Jenn Carrillo was seated next to my wife and I this past Valentine’s Day at a downtown restaurant. She was with some guy friend. She was loud and very easy to hear what she was saying. She was talking how she had to go to the police station to report about someone stalking or harassing g her. These people like the police when they need them. Maybe should have called 311 and got a crisis intervention counselor instead so they could sit down and discuss their differences. After listening to her for a half hour or so I have no idea how anyone could tolerate her.

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  9. would love to see who made Jenn’s hit list so I can spend my money there,what little I have left! I am more than curious how many on that list are owned by either blacks/latino/ or chinese/japanese,etc. No matter what color or race you are you gotta love the hypocrites known as liberals. They call whites racists and bigots yet here is Jenn TELLING people not to patronize because of their beliefs

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