Did Jenn make this comment?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Maybe Jenn Carrillo can hop on her official Facebook page and deny she made this comment on my site:

jenn comment on bln

Doesn’t this sound just like her?

America has survived for almost 244 years without socialism being “existentially necessary”.

Have we lost the battle?  Not as long as the 2nd Amendment exists.  That’s why Democrats keep trying to take it away.

The Juneteenth celebration is Friday.  It marks the day when a UNION General announced the slaves were free in Galveston Texas in 1865.  It took awhile to spread the news back then.

If blacks knew their own history they wouldn’t support the Democrat Party:

In 1857 Democrats on the Supreme Court ruled blacks were property, not citizens.  (Dred Scott)

Abraham Lincoln, author of the Emancipation Proclamation, was a Republican.

The Union soldiers fighting the confederates were Republicans.  Confederates were democrats.

Any estimated 365,000 Union soldiers died to end the Confederacy – as in slavery.

Republicans passed the 13th Amendment in 1865 outlawing slavery.

Democrats didn’t concede defeat, they created the KKK to keep fighting.

Southern Democrats wrote the “black codes” and Jim Crow laws to keep blacks in slavery.

Republicans over-rode a Presidential veto to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1866, conferring rights of citizenship on freed slaves.

Republicans passed the 14th Amendment in 1866 forcing states to recognize black citizenship – every democrats voted against it in the House and Senate.

I could go on with old history – but let’s get more current:

Democrat President Woodrow Wilson re-segregated the military.

General Dwight D Eisenhower allowed black soldiers to carry weapons during World War II.  As President he ended segregation in the District of Columbia, the public schools in DC, and in the armed forces.  After the Supreme Court ruled in 1954 on Brown v. Board of Education he sent the military to escort black students to school – democrats governors refused.

Jump forward again:

Former KKK member Democrat Senator Robert Byrd filibustered the Civil Rights bill in 1964 for 14 hours.  Democrats went on to filibuster the bill for 71 days, but because of television they were starting to look really bad.  Democrat President Lyndon Johnson force them to vote.

Johnson then dramatically expanded the welfare state calling it a “War on Poverty”.  It didn’t end poverty, but it did make millions of dependents.

On Feb. 5, 1997, African-American Republican Rep. J.C. Watts Jr., stated: “For the past 30 years our nation’s spent $5 trillion trying to erase poverty, and the result, as you know, is that we didn’t get rid of it at all. In fact, we spread it. We destroyed the self-esteem of millions of people, grinding them down in a welfare system that penalizes moms for wanting to marry the father of their children, and penalizes moms for wanting to save money. Friends, that’s not right. …”  https://www.wnd.com/2016/07/the-ugly-history-of-democratic-suppression-of-blacks/

Nothing has changed:

Democrat Tari Renner stated Clarence Thomas doesn’t act Afro-American.    https://blnnews.com/2019/05/25/tari-renner-clarence-thomas-doesnt-act-afro-american/

Democrat Joe Biden stated you aren’t black if you don’t vote for him.  https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/22/politics/biden-charlamagne-tha-god-you-aint-black/index.html

We know what party is racists.  It isn’t Republicans.


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17 thoughts on “Did Jenn make this comment?

  1. Jenn should research Lenin’s term “useful idiot” before she pontificates on who is manipulated.

  2. From a Civil War historian:

    “The Civil War caused death on a massive scale across the country. Loss of life in the war was so common that every family had lost at least one family member to the war. Imagine today if everyone you know today had lost at least one family member?”

    White people sacrificed an entire generation of young men to FREE the slaves. And now I need to bow down and cough up cash for the evils of slavery? I don’t think so…

    1. You are completely right about reparations, but I point out logical inconsistencies regardless of left, right, or other.
      Larger family sizes and contact with more extended family were both much more prevalent 150+ years ago. For most people ‘one family member for everyone’ today is something like 1-in-30, not exactly comparable to then, when was something more like 1-in-300. (Numbers are vague estimates, but you get the idea…)

  3. It’s rather daft to think our government does not have a socialist base

    Police, fire, schools etc are ALL socialistic.

  4. She is the poster child why a new law needs to be passed. Since we can’t seem to keep them out of the country. Aii illegal or undocumented individuals that enter this country can never get US citizenship. The children of said individuals will not be allowed to apply for citizenship until 50 years of living in US. Their childran will not be allowed to apply until their parents are legally allowed to apply. While expected to pay taxes , social security etc. they will not be allowed any benefits provided by any government entity (Social Security, welfare unemployment, medicaid, medicare, educational assistance until a legal citizen. To vote for any office or run for any office (dog catcher to president) you must be a legal citizen. Penalty for violating any of these laws will be immediate family deportation.

  5. Short version of a story. Years ago went on some required business classes out near Pennsylvania for my job. We were assigned roommates since the company wanted to save money by doubling up attendees in single bed rooms. This training started on a Thursday and early the next week. Strange, I know. I was close enough that I could see an old high school buddy on our Saturday off. The plan was to meet somewhere and drive to the Gettysburg sites. My roommate and his buddy next to my room were minorities. Not knowing whether or not they had plans, I ask them both if they had an interest in going with me. My roommate just laughed and said he had better things to do than go to a historically site to look at graves of a bunch of dead guys. His buddy just laughed too. When they returned Sunday and late for the Sunday afternoon training session I found out they had spent their day off partying to the wee hours of Sunday morning in Philadelphia.

  6. Who from the NAACP works at Illinois State? Why are they using a Zoom account through Illinois State? Is this an ethics violation?

  7. You might be interested in Jenn’s little group she has on Facebook now, they have a list of businesses to boycott because they owners are (according to these little socialists anyway) racists and dare I even say it? TRUMP SUPPORTERS!!! who contribute to Republicans and they read Breitbart and are of course white supremacists because they have said ALL Lives Matter.

  8. “Four legs good, two legs better!”
    Too bad her followers are too dim to see the glue factory just appearing on the horizon…

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