Did Jenn make this comment?

By:  Diane Benjamin Maybe Jenn Carrillo can hop on her official Facebook page and deny she made this comment on my site: Doesn’t this sound just like her? America has survived for almost 244 years without socialism being “existentially necessary”. Have we lost the battle?  Not as long as the 2nd Amendment exists.  That’s why […]

Remove Carrillo from office

By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday Jenn Carrillo posted this: Jenn Carrillo does not care about the foundations of a civil society:  Rule of Law. She has forfeited her right to serve as a representative of Ward 6 in the City of Bloomington.    The video below was taken by one of the protesters and posted to […]

Tari needs to tell the truth

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari has a problem with the truth. Remember how he constantly claims the City has 100 fewer employees than it used to?  He uses that as an excuse for almost everything. He left out a little detail I found in the almost year old financial statements the City just released.  See PDF […]

ISU is embarrassing . . NIOT?

By:  Diane Benjamin Martin Luther King Day was last Monday, but ISU won’t be holding their annual dinner until Friday.  Maybe even ISU knows this event should not be held on MLK Day since King would never approve of the speakers they bring in. King was a minister.  King was a Republican.  King knew the […]

Where is Not In Our Town?

By:  Diane Benjamin On September 24th the NAACP is holding an event in Bloomington: Dr. Wallace is a very successful women, but I wonder if she will state her support for the athletes now disrespecting the National Anthem?  She did recently:                             […]