Bloomington’s lack of transparency

By: Diane Benjamin

Numerous Bloomington upper management police officers were sent to a 2 day training in Skokie Il. The training was called BRILL LAW ENFORCEMENT ACTION IN DEMOCRACY.

“Democracy” is the first clue to this training. We aren’t a Democracy.

The second clue is it was held at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center. Third clue: The training helps police departments in meeting the “Shared Principals of Policing issued by the NAACP in 2018”. (Principals is THEIR spelling) They claim to have trained over 6000 officers since 2011.

This may or may not be the only story on this training.

When these officers completed the training they filled out evaluations. One summed up exactly what I was thinking while reading the course description. I haven’t been to this Holocaust Museum but I have been to the one in DC. Any entire day could easily be spent there and worth every minute of it.

Two other comments were completely redacted. The reason they gave makes no sense since other comments weren’t redacted.

This isn’t the only transparency issue with Bloomington. More on that later, it might take a lawsuit.

The bigger government gets the more authoritarian they become. Bloomington is growing out of control.

5 thoughts on “Bloomington’s lack of transparency

  1. Sooner that people figure out it doesn’t matter who you vote for because Gleason is a dictator and that the Chief of Police is completely political, the better it will get. Why does no one go to the polls? Because people like Gleason who don’t like how something was voted on puts it back in front of the council and expects them to vote on items as he DICTATES. The chief of police and his engagement officer? JOKE.

  2. What happened in Memphis could happen here. Why? Lowering the bar to be qualified to become a police officer. All about the inclusion and it is just not fair….

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