Fly on the Wall: Unit 5

Any Unit 5 teachers/employees get something stuffed in their school mailbox that just might be illegal?


7 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Unit 5

  1. Was it a, “Vote Yes for the tax increase on taxpayers,” type of “mail?”
    Then the TAXPAYERS should be able to put a, Vote No on the tax increase,” in their mailboxes too.
    Kristen and crew are deceptive and unethical.


  2. Or the pro-referendum speech last night at the Prairland music concert. With the question and answer session.

    Captured audience was perfect to push the agenda and at the same time as the board meeting. Ruined the night for me. Shameful. Shameful.


  3. Marijuana gummy bear sampler pack? Oh wait they’re already buying those at the dispensaries. Because clearly they have to be stoned to advocate these radical Lefty public policy positions.


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