Bloomington un-redacted some from FOIA

By: Diane Benjamin

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In the original FOIA multiple comments from attendees were redacted. Bloomington realized they were not correct in redacting negative comments about the training at the Holocaust Museum in Skokie Il, I now have un-redacted copies.

The entire page below had been redacted. The last paragraph is fabulous. I don’t know who wrote this, but THANKS. We need people standing up for what is right instead of playing along. This gives me confidence that at least this one officier won’t go along with anything he knows is wrong just to keep his job. The writer claims the majority of attendees agree with his comments. Many of the other officers merely checked boxes – like Satisfied, Excellent, etc.

See the training brochure here. It describes the event and states 6000 Illinois police officers have taken the training:

2 thoughts on “Bloomington un-redacted some from FOIA

  1. Truth hurts sometimes and in todays world of feelings overrule common sense, when the truth hurts or criticizes opinion, ego’s and feelings get bruised instead of incentivized to learn.

    Well written and integrity is to be commended.

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