Andy Byars confirms he’s a Koos puppet

By: Diane Benjamin

If you have ever watched a Normal Town Council meeting it’s obvious Karyn Smith will support anything on the agenda. Kathleen Lorenz supports 99% of what’s on the agenda.

Andy Byars was interviewed by Kevin Phares on his show Speechless 2/19/23:

Jump to 59:00. Andy Byars wants you to vote for him, Karyn Smith, and Kathleen Lorenz.

Byars is a paid lobbyist for green energy:

None of these three want independent thoughts by Council members. If these 3 are elected 10 minute meetings will be back and the debt will go higher. Byars also celebrates Normal’s debt decreasing to $60 million+. He also wants the Federal and State grants to continue so Normal can have nice things they can’t pay for.

It painfully obvious who Koos wants elected. It’s equally obvious who represents the citizens paying the bills. Cannon is the lady who didn’t file her paperwork before the Clerk’s office closed. She also didn’t have enough signatures to be on the ballot.

Normal will do everything possible to not allow Nord, Tiritilli, and Sila to win. Representing citizens on the council isn’t allowed in Koosville.

Signed up to Vote by Mail yet?

Illinois doesn’t have Vote by Mail to encourage voting. They use it to steal elections using uninformed voters. If the turnout if 15% again they win. Unit 5 is using the same strategy to get your property taxes increased.



5 thoughts on “Andy Byars confirms he’s a Koos puppet

  1. Andy just quit being a Republican board member. Now he’s an outspoken member of the Democrat Chris Koos cult? This resembles Josh Barnett. Andy should be honest with voters and explain if he is a R or a D.


  2. Honesty from a demonrat? Lol. They’d never, ever, have a snowballs chance in hell to win anything if they were honest as following the party line is clearly the destruction of America.

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  3. These elections are officially non-partisan. For those who know – it is easy to identify who is who / for the general voting citizenry it can become confusing , depending on the obscurification skillz of the candidate.

    Some are pro’s and some are amatures. With such low voter turnout in these off year local municipal elections , the harvesting efforts and obscurification skillz of the candidates will carry the day.


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