Buying Andy Byars

By: Diane Benjamin

Andy Byars, Normal Town Council candidate, is a registered lobbyist for Recall Strategies Inc. That company is all in on Green Energy and lobbying local governments to build more. Below are the Recall Strategies lobbyists listed on the Secretary of State website:

Now look at who is trying to BUY Andy Byars a seat on the Council:

$6000 from a Recall Strategies lobbyist? $250 from another Recall lobbyist? What are they BUYING?

At the end of December Byars had more than $14,000. Add the contributions since then below:

11 thoughts on “Buying Andy Byars

  1. In addition to Recall, I’m looking at the other money pockets. KAOH Media is a St. Louis based public relations firm. This from their web site:


    Others are simply misinformed or just plain terrified of change. We’ve heard it all, from the usual suspects of noise or aesthetics, to the ridiculous such as “These solar panels are going to suck up all the sun’s rays and I won’t be able to grow my tomatoes,” and, “I’m concerned the wind turbines will cause a constant breeze,” and, “biofuels will cause riots to break out over soaring food prices”.

    Silly and serious alike, opponents of such topics are sure to have their say in a democratic setting. Pointing out the nice features of our approach is sometimes not enough to neutralize negative messages. This requires us to do more than repeat positive arguments time and again by working to anticipate, preempt and debunk concerns and falsehoods.

    More frequently, we find it necessary to dig in and expose paid opposition by pointing to their lack of credibility and ulterior motives.

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  2. Per Illinois Sunshine, the Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union 99 PAC regularly gives big to the McLean Co Democrat Party, and last year they gave to
    – Vote Yes to McLeand Co Unit 5
    – Sharon Chung
    – Andy Byars
    – Corey Beirne
    – Krystle Able
    – Val Lamon
    – Chris Koos
    – Kathleen Lorenz
    – and what appears to be all of the other Democrats who have run.

    I’m curious, where has Andy claimed that he represents Republican values?

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    1. D or R doesn’t matter so much as P for Politician. Politicians of either party will easily sell out their position(s) for political gain. A prime example is the recent pro-voter initiatives that prominent local Dems opposed, even though voter rights is usually considered a Dem issue.
      Support and vote for the ‘We The People’ candidates: Nord, Tiritilli, and Sila


  3. Andy Byars is a professional politician. He was Kathy’s campaign manager in the last election. Need I say more?

    He’ll fit right in with Chris Koos and the rest of his Council. Forget all the campaign contributions. The guy’s bought and paid for by Chris Koos. If elected this is just a stepping stone to bigger and better things for him. He’s a Scott Preston wanna be. Either that or Scott Preston is an Andy Bayers wanna be. Get the picture?

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  4. How does the Mayor of Normal have the authority to create the Normal Election Commission? I’ve read over the Normal Municipal code numerous times and don’t see any evidence of this being listed as a Board or commission. Nor any authority given in the code given to him to create such an entity.

    Excerpt from the Normal Municipal Code:

    SEC. 1.1-3 CONDUCT OF ELECTIONS. The Town Council shall be responsible, along with the Town Clerk, for the conduct of elections. They shall see to the publication of all notices, to the appointment of all judges, to the establishment of polling places, to the printing of ballots, to the final canvass of the election returns and the declaration of results, etc. The elections shall be conducted as provided for by Statute, Chapter 10 ILCS 1992, and as later amended. (Amended 6/7/93 by Ord. No. 4143)

    If anything the Clerk Town Clerk would be included??

    Normal Municipal Code concerning Chapter 10:—Boards-and-Commissions?bidId=

    I reviewed the Illinois Statute and it doesn’t show anything. But if the Board/Commission isn’t listed, in the Municipal code how can it make “Lawful” decisions that are on the record?


  5. About Andy being a lobbyist.

    On the liquor commission III gets really bad if you are intertwined with the. Businesses your going to be regulating.

    I see a lot of problems if he’s on the council and favoritism towards “green” going even darker, more towards the blueish tint. (Like that? Darker green, blue tint. Yellow and blue make green….and also the color of the party??😩). Anyway. Seems like a lobbyist going into the henhouse to me.


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