Tonight: Meet the Unit 5 School Board candidates:

8 thoughts on “Tonight: Meet the Unit 5 School Board candidates:

  1. Turns out the “Conservative” candidates gave more information on their e-learning proposal and it’s just as bad as I thought. On their website, they’re touting a company called Imagine Learning as an “example of what is possible.” Wurth also said on the DPB show they’re talking with some companies to be able tout their materials. I asked one of the candidates and they said they support this company.

    So I get home and look up this company. One of the main tabs on their website is “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.” They say that DEI is “central to our mission.”

    This company says they want to “show people and groups the way they want to be shown” and that they “let people and groups speak for themselves.” Read: We don’t care about teaching FACTS. We just want to push our SOCIAL AGENDA.

    The website for Imagine Learning also says they have a DEI steering council “to implement DEI principles into all aspects of our work” and to “ensure that DEI principles are integrated into product planning and development.”

    Which of the four had the brilliant idea to push this company as an exemplary model of e-learning? As parents, we don’t want MORE e-learning, and we definitely don’t want companies like this trying to push DEI down our throats.

    I was patient before, but it needs to be said. PLEASE do some research before advertising for candidates like this. And PLEASE hold ALL candidates accountable, regardless of party affiliation, allies, or who else is running. If a group of “conservative” candidates is pushing this DEI stuff, they NEED to be called out. And don’t even get me started with all the references to Social and Emotional Learning on that company’ s website.


      1. I’m calling BS on that. If Unit 5 had announced, last year, that they had chosen to contract a company for curriculum with such a strong emphasis on DEI, you absolutely would have, rightly, held the board members accountable for wasting money on that. But now you’re saying to look the other way?

        Should we not have held board members accountable for mask mandates because “they were just following Illinois law?” Your reasoning is weak and inconsistent. But please continue to support your favorite DEI-promoting, e-learning “conservative” candidates. It’s too bad we dont have any real options for school board in U5.


        1. Are these candidates perfect? Of course not, no candidate is, even me.
          Are these by far the best choices you have available this time around? Yes.
          If you feel they are not conservative enough, you should recruit people you do approve of, and/or run yourself. I’ll sign your petition and possibly even help with your campaign. But that’s not for another 18ish months – for now, make the best choices you can.

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