Tonight: CSE – get facts

By: Diane Benjamin Angels4Freedom Free Public Meeting tonight 6 -7:30pm.  Focus Topic “Dumbing Down our Schools through SEL (social emotional learning)”.  An in-depth look into HR, CRT, and CSE and Opt-out forms. Goal is to get Opt-out form for every child then they won’t have a class to teach.  Meeting location G.E/Union Park Clubhouse, 1750 […]

You should have been there!

By: Diane Benjamin I attended part of the Angles4Freedom meeting last night. I would have stayed the entire time if Normal hadn’t been meeting. Lots of candidates and voters attended. Kathy Salvi has my vote for US Senate. I found out we have mutual friends she works with on election integrity issues. She is a […]

Two things you need to know:

By: Diane Benjamin 1) Jason Barickman: What are you thinking? Ken Griffin buying a governor is okay with you? Hoping for some of Griffin’s billions? Is Irvin paying you from the $50 million he got from Griffin? Do you always host fake Republicans? 2)

Bloomington tonight

By: Diane Benjamin I don’t plan to watch this meeting live tonight. I will be here instead: See the packet, it’s going to be a long meeting: A few highlights: Ward 1 gets a replacement alderman – Grant Walch. I know zero about him. Bloomington is finally getting around to replacing the building […]