The effects of SB 818 – sexualizing your kids

By: Diane Benjamin

In case you forgot, the State of Illinois passed and Pritzker signed SB 818 last summer. This bill enshrines in law the sexualization of your children:

Schools are ordered to teach and groom your kids with information that should be between parents and their children. If your neighbors were caught with your children having discussions about sexual identity, masturbation, and the long list included in that story you would have them arrested. Illinois thinks schools are the place to teach it instead of your home.

Illinois adopted the National Sex Education standards, also linked in that story. Local schools are teaching this right now. They are grooming your kids.

The local Angels4Freedom group is spreading information about Comprehensive Sex Education. They are asking you to sign this petition:

May 9th this group is holding a special meeting that is a must attend for concerned parents:

I strongly urge parents to join this group! If Democrats remain in control of Illinois after November it may take a huge lawsuit to get schools to stop indoctrinating your children.

Or you could move to a state where this isn’t tolerated.

More nonsense:

Awake Illinois co-signed a letter to the Secretary of Education, see it here:

The Federal Government is planning to make it law that males can participate in female sports. ISU had a long article in the current addition of the Alumni Magazine about their female athletes since Title IX passed. They should have signed along with Awake Illinois because that legacy can be gone overnight when men start replacing the women.

I urge you to join Awake Illinois too! Both groups are full of Mama Bears.








6 thoughts on “The effects of SB 818 – sexualizing your kids

  1. I was filling out some Social Security forms for my mother who passed away recently and I noticed they only have two sex indications, Male and Female. They better get that updated to include others. LOL
    One form has to be turned into to the local SSA office. I am wondering if I need to get a camper to live in the parking lot until my number is called.
    I don’t know how we ever got by without this sexualization in the 1600’s, 1700’s, 1800’s and 1900’s. Weird how that happened.

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  2. Exactly right, Diane, using the word “groom.” That’s precisely the objective, as evidenced by liberal teeth-gnashing and frothing at the mouth over the use of the word. And we just got a new affirmative action Supreme Court justice who seems to have a special affinity for groomers (and worse) which was probably her most notable “qualification” (to liberals) in addition to being a huge fan of infanticide.


  3. So Unit 5 wants more tax payer money to: 1.) Sexualize our children. 2.) Indoctrinate marxist ideology. 3.) students who cannot read. 4.) students who cannot do math. 5.) students who cannot spell. Public schools are no place for our children anymore. Public schools are unsafe. If parents do not stand up and take notice NOW, then when? How much worse does it have to get? Homeschool your children. Please.

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  4. You are missing the point totally at what age do you need to put this on children that is what parents are for reading writing and arithmetic are supposed to be taught in schools and if one looks at how poorly students are preforming in these areas that is where the emphasis needs to be.

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