SB 818 – Sexualizing your kids

By: Diane Benjamin

This bill has passed both houses in Springfield by democrats only and is waiting for Pritzker’s signature. Call his office and demand he veto it: 217-782-6830.  

Why? Because this is what it does:

  • Unfunded mandate that destroys local control over curriculum
  • Sexually grooms young children by introducing sensitive and inappropriate topics
  • Introduces topics many youth would be uncomfortable discussing and is therefore a form of sexual harassment.

Illinois will be adopting National Sex Education Standards:

All of the above was summarized on this website, but you can read it all at the link above too:

This is what Becky Swan and others were talking about at the District 87 Board meeting:

10 thoughts on “SB 818 – Sexualizing your kids

  1. When the\is knowledge is imparted to children they are LESS likely to become sexually active and if they are they are 90% less likely to become pregnant and acquire STDs.

    I am sorry YOU are so afraid of education.


  2. @THOMAS And we’re sorry you want the government to raise your kids, idiot. Stop being a stupid ass sheeple and take responsibility for the children you rear. If you can’t raise them without the government’s help, then you shouldn’t have had kids and are a terrible parent. These types of conversations are to be had BY PARENTS. If you aren’t mature enough to handle that, why did you have children?

    Leftists will do absolutely ANYTHING to get out of being responsible for things they do and negative situations they cause.

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  3. Thomas, have you studied all of the elements/components of grooming? Well, if not, let me assure, some of them are contained in this “sex education” agenda. The innocence and frankly ignorance of children can be exploited in several ways, kids are VERY malleable and making it seem as if you are “empowering” them with “knowledge” is one way of manipulating them in the desired direction. I really wish “your side” was as gung ho on educating kids in the proper use of firearms/weapons, that HAS been shown to lower the incidence of “accidental” shootings.

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  4. Sex Education SHOULD be handled by RESPONSIBLE parents (which it sound like Thomas isn’t) and explained at a PROPER age, NOT in Kindergarden! What happened to Reading, Math, Science and S.T.E.M.? As Archie Bunker would have said “This country is being taken over by Commie pinko fags”!


  5. This is one more step towards the nanny state taking away parental rights. The Marxists want to have total control over children. Anyone remember “It Takes a Village”?

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