Unit 5 tonight: Destroying Innocence

By: Diane Benjamin


If you still haven’t reviews the National Sex Education Standards, do it now:

On the Agenda:

You need to attend this meeting is for no other reason than to know who needs voted off the School Board early next year. It appears Unit 5 wants to continue the National Standards in 8th and 9th grades.

In K-5 Unit 5 wants to teach: Developmentally Appropriate Consent Education. I suggest you see that section on the Agenda since Consent is ridiculous at this age. That education continues in grades 6-12.

End of 8th Grade National Standard:

Define sexual identity and explain a range of identities related to sexual orientation (e.g., heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, gay, queer, two-spirit, asexual, pansexual)

There are no National Standards for at the end of 9th grade, 9 % 10 are together.

Parents can opt their students out of everything. Attend to find out if they say how.

Check out the new fee schedule. Yep, going up.

15 thoughts on “Unit 5 tonight: Destroying Innocence

    1. First, this would not be the jurisdiction of the Sheriff. Second, we don’t generally arrest people for thinking. Arrests are based on actions. How about people show up at the polls for a change and vote the people out that believe grooming is ok? Just a thought.


      1. Actually Unit 5 is McLean County, and I’m not asking him to arrest people for thinking, I’m asking him to arrest people for mandating pedophilia.


      2. If it is within the county , it most definitely IS within the Sheriff’s jurisdiction. The Sheriff IS the chief law enforcement officer of the county and can preserve the peace and enforce all laws ANYWHERE within said county. End of story.

        However , our Sheriff is level headed and is not prone to grandstanding or publicity stunts , so I doubt he will intervene in civil discourse at a legitimate board meeting.

        IF a teacher is grooming or otherwise abusing or mistreating any student , I have no doubt the Sheriff would arrest them in a heartbeat.


    2. How exactly is teaching children about sex “grooming” them? Perhaps you want children to be dumb about sex. How does having a high teen pregnancy and high sexually transmitted diseases good for children? How is learning about sex on the internet good for children? Do you really think kid don’t know how to Google about sexual acts? Or maybe you want your children to learn about sex on the street corner with other clueless kids. It’s people like you who are promoting grooming and pornography and ignorance. All of you are really sick if you think learning about sex in a way and a context that is positive and gives children the information they need to know about sex. Again I guess you want dumb children. Learning about sex doesn’t destroy anyone’s “innocence”.


      1. That isn’t what is taught, read the national standards. There is a huge number of kids who now thing they are trans or bi. It cool! The goal is to destroy the nuclear family. Of course schools keep secrets from parents, like if their kid has a different name at school.


      2. “Teaching children about sex” – Teaching kids that all kinds or any kind of sex is OK at any age (actually before they even have a desire for it) would be what a groomer does. It further confuses an already confused or unsure child that sex may be the answer to their anxiety or self confidence problems. NO, NO and NO that’s not the purpose of sex!

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  1. Thank you for shedding light on this very disturbing and troubling subject. I truly hope MANY parents and taxpayers show up tonight at NCWHS to voice their concerns. Please arrive by 6:00-6:15 to sign up for public comment. The meeting starts at 6:30. Also worth noting, the Illinois School Report Card shows the PROFICIENCY for Reading and Math (McLean County USD 5). The numbers are abysmal. The focus should be on Education in schools, unfortunately that is no longer true.

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  2. Probably a lot hinges on the number of parents that show up tonight but parents and grandparents have a disadvantage.

    The State Board of Education gets paid to dictate and communicate with the district boards. They don’t communicate with the parents.
    Most parents probably don’t even know when or where the board of education meets or what they will be talking about in any particular meeting. Or they are just too busy with life to spare the time and effort.

    So the board looks at the situation and concludes (falsely) that parents either don’t care about what’s going on or agree with it. That assumption makes there job easy because they don’t have to consider half of the equation.

    They don’t even have to consider that still, small voice in the back of their head that says – “This is wrong!”


  3. Sure would save a whole lot of taxes if the government would just get out of education. The house I currently occupy is over 100 -120 years old and it still has over $1000 in property taxes JUST TO UNIT 5!! Glad I’m moving…

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