Parent comment: Olympia School Board meeting

Some of the comments are direct quotes from a School Board member who happens to be a pastor. As a result of the District 87 public comments, the Olympia Board president warned the attendees before they were allowed to speak. If mentioning God and the Bible triggers you, don’t watch. Comments about separation of church and state will be deleted. The clueless aren’t allowed a platform here – get your own. The speaker also covers masks, some members of the public didn’t wear them as required to the meeting. She also brought up critical race theory and vaccines.

11 thoughts on “Parent comment: Olympia School Board meeting

  1. you racist chicken shit dont you know god is fake sky is not real and prayer is psychic transmission that also is fake

  2. Is it a requirement of butthurt leftists to not use any punctuation or to not have even a basic understanding of grammar? I refuse to attempt to decipher a comment that is nothing but an incoherent run-on.

  3. It’s gone from here, says youtube closed the connection. I’ll go see if I can find it on youtube.

  4. Aaron, I’m not a racist chicken shit! Unfortunately I am a taxpayer of the Olympia School district and totally give the lady a big “Atta Girl” for her comments. If i would have known this was goi g to happen at our school board meeting I would have happily supported her. What she said is spot on and I know many of the school board members and sure would have hoped they would have had more real leadership courage but. They obviously don’t have a pulse on their constituency as to whether they would support a ruse against the governors mandates. Folks we are a rural community school district and most people come to this school district because they generally don’t have to deal with city school bullshit. The Olympia school board has no problem spending our money on pointless things such as the current expansion of the Atlanta grade school. Now that I think about it, based on past performance of some of the current board members, we should have expected their left leaning agenda. Olympia parents you do have an alternative school option. Christian life Academy in Hopedale! They are growing in size! Public schools hate declining enrollment!

    1. The Atlanta Grade School desperately needed the upgrades. My daughter goes there. They used grant money on air conditioning all gymnasiums, upgrades to all schools as needed. That wasn’t from taxpayers. Know that difference. I do not want my daughter to be taught any of that nonsense either though! They start that crap, she’s out of there!

  5. @Denise. Where do you think grant money comes from. While you think you are educated on this I beg to differ. Furthermore , obviously they have already started teaching the nonsense or a parent who is obviously more engaged than you are is already calling it out and I also heard that Kevin Frazier, your school board president, felt the need to caution the public before he allowed public comment to begin. BTW grant money comes from the government and is ultimately taxpayer dollars. You are obviously not a long standing follower BLN News or you would have been educated on this topic multiple times!

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