District 87: Hiding the truth

By: Diane Benjamin

I’ve known about the 1619 Project for quite awhile. It is fake history written to make people think America was racist from the start and therefore must be abolished. It is Critical Race Theory meant only to divide people by race. The videos of the kids who spoke at the District 87 School Board Board prove that, they think they were taught critical thinking when they were indoctrinated instead of educated.

If parents aren’t disgusted, what is it going to take?

In July of 2020 I sent FOIA requests to both Unit 5 and District 87. Proving I can be totally guilty of typing the wrong thing, my FOIA said 1629 instead of 1619. District 87 knew what I meant however, this was the response I received:

I guess I should have asked again if the 1619 project was in the curriculum, it was stupid of me to believe it wasn’t. Since they claimed only a slide mentioned it, they were hiding information.

Barry Reilly must have thought it was a good idea to gather a bunch of students to speak at last week’s board meeting. That was a huge fail since it was obvious kids in AP History are being taught the 1619 garbage. It is also obvious the response to my FOIA request was deceptive.

I sent a copy of the 2020 FOIA request and the response to Colin Manahan for an explanation. Turns out Colin is on vacation and then retiring, of course with a fat pension.

I received a response instead from Barry Reilly:

The Illinois FOIA law does not state “specific” documents must be requested. Evidently Reilly thinks I should go through their files and textbooks and then FOIA what I find. https://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs3.asp?ActID=85

I did a search on both websites for “1619 Project”. Both Unit 5 and District 87 produced no results. Since District 87 teaches it, Unit 5 needs to prove they aren’t. I’m betting their AP History curriculum is the same.

Do parents understand why your local schools hide the truth?

Your kids are being taught lies. Check your property tax bill to see how much it costs you. It costs your kids much more however since they are being taught to hate their own country.

Here is why every institution from Congress to the FBI to States and Local governments to your local schools can no longer be trusted:

District 87 isn’t run by moral and religious people. If you leave your kids in their indoctrination centers you will have indoctrinated kids.

Red states are banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory lies, if you can move to one. Illinois is chasing people from the state not only with high taxes but now because they care about their kids future. Indoctrinated kids don’t have a future.






4 thoughts on “District 87: Hiding the truth

  1. Thank you for all the research you do Diane! I forwarded to my kids. This is so disturbing 🤬

  2. Ironic that ALL these “civic minded” folks who voted for BIden want us ALL to get along, as THEY just hated TRUMP with a passion because he was divisive, well, guess what, I’m NO fan of MLK day OR juneteeth day.. Yeah, I spelled it right, as the demonrats are talking thru their teeth to “buy the black vote” And let’s make a bet-here and NOW! I bet that when ole Joe runs in 2024 IF he’s behind in the polls, there will be some “magic unicorn poop money” that appears to pay off ancestors of slaves. Well, that’s fine and dandy, but how about the Sioux at Wounded Knee, and 100 or more other such sites, never mind INDIGENOUS PEOPLE were here FIRST—RIGHT JENN and mr Craybeak?? I didn’t USED to be a racist, but with ALL this “you gotta love me because I’m black and deprived bullshit” I’m starting to be.. Let’s get back to reality folks.. Think I”ll go watch some old Archie Bunker, Jeffersons and Sanford and Son reruns… Look out Wheezie-here I come..
    And IF I’m STILL not ready for bed, I might pull out Mel Brooks and BLAZIN SADDLES! I still like a good ole work song!
    YES!! I did NOT even try and be politically correct here… But they were ALL a part of TV history here in the good old USof A! get over it….
    Racism exists because the MEDIA PROMOTES IT! Along with the Democrats!

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