Chris Koos always tells the truth, right?

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember this?

Yesterday a citizen submitted a scathing letter to the entire Normal Council over their “attack” Stan Special meeting. If you haven’t watched any of it, “Must See” is an understatement.

Chris Koos responded to the comment, I redacted the name:

The writer then sent this:

Koos responded again:

I hope it’s at the entrance so people

don’t have to pay to see it.

Of course Chris Koos never lies, so this has to be the truth.

This is the text of the original comment:

Dear Normal Town Council Members with the exception of Mr. Nord,

Your attempts to marginalize and bully Mr. Nord and other members in your community is disgusting. Your children and parents must be proud. Your unwillingness and contempt for running the Town of Normal in a Moral and Ethical manner makes you criminals. Yes Criminals
The Illinois General Assembly recently enacted a comprehensive revision of State ethics laws intended to ensure that public officers and employees adhere to the highest ethical standards. Under the provisions of the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act (enacted by Public Acts 93-615 and 93-617), all units of local government and school districts are required to adopt regulations governing political activities and the solicitation and acceptance of gifts of public officers and employees that are “no less restrictive” than those contained in that Act.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan has prepared the Model Ethics Ordinance and the Guide to the Implementation of the Model Ethics Ordinance in order to help local governmental bodies comply with the requirements of the Act. The Model Ethics Ordinance covers the provisions of the Act required to be adopted by units of local government and school districts, and also provides an efficient mechanism for addressing and resolving ethics complaints. The Model Ethics Ordinance aims to provide guidance to local governments in implementing effective ethics regulations that will be consistent with their structure and needs.

You have not followed this law regardless of what Mr. Day has told you.

The fact that all of you (especially you KARIN) don’t care about your constituents, the law, and clearly have no self respect makes me physically ill. I can’t imagine any one of you believes in God or any higher power that or even your own legacy. I doubt that any punishment you receive on Earth will be as great as the punishment you will receive when you meet your maker. You are oppressive, tyrannical and uncaring. I don’t have to judge you because God already is…and remember when you look at your children that sometimes your sins will destroy generations to come. So when you look into your child’s eyes Karin and Kathleen I hope you remember these words. I do not like to bring children into discussion, but what you are doing is hurting your own children and mine.

“No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.” – Who do you serve?

26 thoughts on “Chris Koos always tells the truth, right?

  1. Sad that our grandchildren will live as tax slaves. Out of control government spending can only be restrained by informed citizens that VOTE!

      1. When DSA , liberal elites and progressives win they GOVERN from their script and worldview- they do NOT even pretend to ‘represent’.

  2. The behavior of Koos & his minions is disgusting and unprofessional!
    I don’t know how Stan does it!
    I hope Stan knows “the rest of us” are supporting him AND appreciate the information that he is continuously providing to the tax payers!

    Seems quite self-serving that Koos decided his ANTI-First Amendment banner was “historical” and sent it right over to his brother at the History Museum
    Way to pat yourself on the back again, Koos!

    It appears as though Koos is protesting the information that Stan is sharing with the tax payers, maybe the Koos brothers should hang their banner up again to have a “sale” for themselves!

  3. Voting. I am still an advocate for voting. It’s exremely important. However Stalin was right about his comment that what matters is who counts the vote. Bottom line although it might seem that I am picking a fight here (not my intention) people need to find a way to be a major part of the voting count or they’re just going to keep stealing elections. They did it to Trump and I am convinced that it was done in the Town of Normal past election.

    1. No one stole the election from the former president. He lost. That’s all there is to it. Move on. Put up a better candidate next time.
      It also never happened here. More people in Normal need to take part in elections, it’s that simple. Too many of them just sit the elections out because they just don’t care. I think this website, among other outlets, are helping people realize how much money is being wasted in Normal, but it’s taking time.

      1. Elections can be stolen. Daley and Chicago proved that with JFK. I have been researching a book since last November and can tell you it’s pretty clear an effort was made in just not the swing states to do just that by liberal operatives stateside and across the ocean. Won’t get into specifics but their is plenty of evidence. The Dominion Machines were so compromised (according to various IT experts and not Trumpers) they could have all been easily manipulated and many were to change or not count not just Trump votes but candidates running for state and local offices. It’s extremely doubtful ole Joe garnered 81 millions. That’s not me saying it but experts who have been analyzing elections for years. Locally, it would be quite easy to steal when only 300 or less votes determine most elections. Not trying to start an argument but I’ve been around these people more than you know. I’ve learned the hard why how low they can go. They have influential buddies in place just about anywhere they need them.

      2. It wasn’t stolen, he lost. The majority of America didn’t like him. It’s not that hard to accept. But you “Won’t get into specifics.” Please do, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say you don’t have any.
        Get a better candidate next time. Stop believing the OANN, Newsmax, FoxNews talking head/conspiracy pushers.

        Not trying to start an argument. 🙂

      3. While I agree with you as to the results of way too many people sitting out local elections – I believe fairly soon you will be proven wrong about the National General election – I am also sorry that you have jumped into the Never-Trump clown car, something tells me you are a smart person and hopefully you will see that a few “mean tweets” here and there is a small price to pay for having an America First president instead of that mumbling, cranky, corrupt, weak, globalist Potato that currently occupies the oval office and embarrasses us everywhere he goes. (He’s too arrogant to embarrass himself, plus with his apparent dementia he wouldn’t even notice)

      4. “A few mean tweets here and there.” Interesting take on it. The GOP voters, and the GOP itself, have been hoodwinked by a two-bit conman, a failed businessman…a charlatan, nothing more. The past president is a great marketer/salesman (of snake oil), not a leader. I hope it was worth it.

  4. His sign was not complete “protestors,” it should have read small business owners who want to open their business protestors. He is standing under it in front of his business that was never closed. Now the sign is at the historical society do you suppose there is an explanation of why the protestors were there? This was and is the height of arrogance demonstrated by the mayor of Normal.

  5. I am extremely curious as to why that sign would be at any historical museum, much less the local one? Other than demonstrating tyranny with real world examples, what possible significance could this have historically? It seems someone thinks VERY highly of themselves.

  6. If the mayor is so motivated to call this meeting and cause this issue because he and the council are called out for what they are doing to this town….then I would say they are worried about their actions.

  7. Whatever will “smartest person in the room” Koos do when the unwashed communists finally figure out that he’s a predatory, ugly capitalist abusing his office for lots of money that he doesn’t share with his “comrades”? I doubt the communists will pay attention to his “sale” sign and just go right in and help themselves to some bicycles. And other things.

    1. Yes, then they can be just like San Francisco, people can just walk in and take a bike – that would be fine, right Chrissy?

  8. YOU ARE WRONG DIANE!! Chris Koos never lies OR is mistaken! Like that time that Stan Nord’s horses took a dump on the streets of Uptown Normal during the parade…AND it got on the mayor’s BMW!!! The horror!! It was so terrible he had to take the Beemer to the car wash and have someone clean it off! Now that is enough to ruin a guys day – and post it on Facebook. But….as we know – the only problem was….they weren’t Stan’s horses! Details. Let’s be honest though, Stan Nord has been crapping all over the Mayor’s parade ever since. Asking questions about paying taxes on properties the Town shouldn’t, the $35000 a month RENT for city hall, pesky ethic issues, and the pipeline to Rivian in case there ever was development , even though they knew of none (wink…wink…that may have been another lie). The Town wants a unified (sugar coated) message going out to residents. They have no use for Stan calling it like he sees it.

    I thought the Mayor’s sign was pompous when he did it. I find his responses about it now being in the museum equally so. Sad part, THAT may not be a lie. It is laughable that the council admonishes Stan for the questions that he raises, while staying quiet about the snide comments of the Mayor. Well, I guess about as laughable as Mrs. Reece playing the victim of Stan Nord. I guess if you have never met her….or read her emails….or watched the council meetings… you could find it plausible. Doubtful, but maybe.

    Anyway, it all goes back to horse$hit Mr. Nord. It is unfortunate they were not your horses! 🙂 Stay strong and keep asking questions.

  9. “The past president is a great marketer/salesman (of snake oil), not a leader. I hope it was worth it.” – Oh it was VERY worth it and it will be a true blessing to have him back, I don’t know about you, but I kind of liked having my stocks soaring, energy independence, a strong border to the south, lower gas prices, the crazies in some of the other countries not acting up so much, lowest unemployment in ALL demographics, you know, stuff like that, and then oh my what a coincidence, that guy ate that pesky bat from that wet market, that bat that wasn’t even there by the way…. OH, and, by the way – the plandemic came directly from well funded little bio-labs (Bioweapons labs actually) in where? Oh CHY-NA, JUST where Trump said it came from, the country that Trump had so recently greatly improved the United State’s position in Trade deals with. Go ahead and hate on Trump, but you’re truly not thinking very clearly. Donald Trump has been one of the best leaders this country has had in a LONG LONG time. And now back to local news and outrages, where I WISH we had a few DJT types around to maybe get THIS little part of the country back on a steady and decent track, but with the number of Koos types we have now, it’s not gonna happen, and mealy mouth little calm and quiet types with zero charisma aren’t going to make it happen either.

    1. “but with the number of Koos types we have now, it’s not gonna happen,” Gotta agree with ya there!

  10. Since I’m WAY down the list here NO ONE will read this, so here goes
    Koos don’t lie and Howdy Doody don’t have wooden gonads!
    REALLY his sign is in the museum, MAN! Have they really lowered their standards that much. That sign belongs in a Blue Springs port-a-potty!

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