No Stan you aren’t allowed to represent voters

By: Diane Benjamin

Every municipality is required by law to have an ethics ordinance, Normal doesn’t have one. Details in this story:

Of course, in Illinois laws are immaterial.

Last night Normal held a Special Meeting to accuse Stan Nord of disrespecting Pam Reece because he stands up for citizens. Unfortunately Stan has no support on the Council because the other elected trustees fall in line with staff instead of the citizens paying the bills.

Kevin McCarthy thinks Stan Nord lacks ethics, he must think his ethics can’t be questioned for pretending to be a doctor:

I’ve written numerous stories about questionable items brought to the council. Is Pam Reece claiming she isn’t responsible for the agenda?

Remember Normal paying property taxes they didn’t owe?

Remember the Ft Jesse property that was sold to an employees wife?

Remember the $100 a month lease for the Linden St property?

Remember the Council demand more than a year ago that something is done about the rent for the second floor of 1 Uptown Circle where nothing has been done?

This list could be MUCH longer, but long time readers already know the facts.

This meeting was nothing more than “shut up Stan”. Koos went around the in-person meeting allowing every trustee to attack Stan. Karyn Smith even accused Stan of sexism. She also thinks Stan should seek the support of other council members. Karyn: The rest of you don’t care about doing anything except what you are told. You do not work for citizens. You even accused Stan of playing politics, sure standing up for citizens is politics.

Attorney Brian Day wouldn’t have a job if he didn’t support Pam Reece’s and Chris Koos’ agenda. His comments are not only wrong they are immaterial. I heard consultant Lyle Sumek lost his job for having opinions.

The only reason this meeting took place is because the new Council was empowered by the election. They feel Stan Nord can be marginalized since none of the Stan supporters were elected.

Stan Nord’s response summary:

  • Nobody produced any proof, make the emails in question public
  • Accusations of sexism are flat out wrong
  • He talked to vendors AFTER the vote, he found local vendors bid less but Council wasn’t informed
  • One Normal Plaza – residents reached out to him. Planning Commission member Mike Matejka was at a meeting, Stan wasn’t supposed to talk to him?
  • ONP Residents didn’t want council members to speak, they all could have attended if they didn’t speak. Koos broke that rule
  • Citizens Summit – Town did want to limit attendees to a few per trustee. This article proves Koos planned to ignore those who weren’t invited:
  • Pam Reece claims Stan sent 9 emails in one week, Stan checked his email. He sent 7, one was forwarding a question from a citizen – only 3 were addressed to Pam, some repeated questions that she failed to answer previously.
  • Normal does not have an ethics policy, he named other municipalities that do.
  • Ethics isn’t defined therefore what some of the Council considers ethics violations others don’t.

Normal’s ethics policy can be summed up this way:

Vote yes and don’t question staff.

Six members of the Council thinks the “professional staff” can’t be questioned. Staff never make mistakes when they obviously have. Quit playing holier than thou and tensions would ease substantially. Yes, some residents have bad water and the roads suck. Build a ridiculously priced underpass anyway.

Watch this attack on the only person standing up for citizens yourself. It’s despicable and definitely not over.

Please note: The “professional staff” dated the video incorrectly. In case they quickly fix it, here’s a screen shot:

30 thoughts on “No Stan you aren’t allowed to represent voters

    1. The only problem here is not one of the people who voted for Koos will take responsibility for their vote. He got their vote because of a favor, promise or just plain ignorant of what is happening in THEIR town.

    2. This shameful that you would down grade another councilman and you have not done your jobs for years. Facts are you are slumbed Council people with no back bone. What you gonna do when God starts turning table. When you pay people for votes, and do underhanded deals. Guess who sees you ???

    1. Did not get my vote either. The man wants this town to hide all of its problems. Housing, streets, law enforcement, it goes on and on. This town is named Normal but is far from it with all of the deception in government. I am so sad that I choose to work, buy a home, put tax dollars into this community for the last 15 years. I have watched what goes on and the lack of respect for the citizens in this community is horrible. Everything done by officials is cover ups to make the town look like the great American city but after you live here for awhile you soon figure out.

  1. Actions that are considered A-OK in Normal;

    – Withholding factual financial bid information from council when disclosing the info would conflict with staff’s desired vote outcome

    – Allowing a town employee who also serves on the board of a vendor to also be the person deciding against the town bidding the contract out and instead give the work directly to the company which they hold their board membership.

    – Allowing an appointed board member of a governing public body to vote and influence paid contracts to be let to their personal for profit business and lobby for more paid work.

    – Telling the state and federal government that the town is “fully committed to allocate current capital and debt” to fund the underpass, while telling the council and public that there is NO MONEY in the 5 year budget identified nor allocated for the underpass and that there is no money available to spend on additional critical infrastructure repairs.

    Yes Diane, the list of examples is long.

    A culture has been fostered in Normal where ethics is a buzzword with no meaning.

    Without a defined ethics policy and enforcement mechanism then decisions become based on personalities with no accountability.

    Stan Nord – fully expecting more blowback for questioning, on behalf of taxpayers, the morals of some of the actions I have witnessed.

    BTW…Doesn’t one political party claim to be the party of accountability and ethical high ground? If so they, remain silent locally.

      1. Yep, and I find it hilarious that many of the “rank and file” still think it’s R Vs. D, it isn’t, it’s now Good Vs. Evil and Right Vs. Wrong and if you can’t discern which is which, you really shouldn’t have any say until you do. I left the “left” quite a few years ago, but I sure couldn’t jump on the McCain, Bush or Romney wagons or any of their ilk.

      2. I personally don’t care if you are republican or democrat, I just want honest leaders that care where they spend OUR money. I have been threatened by police, the mayor, city attorney, etc. through my personal life and my work. This should never happen. Discussion is expectable but threats are beyond belief.

  2. An example of how staff rules the roost in Normal all the picnic tables are still on the street in downtown Normal shutting out much needed parking but as I was told by staff the council does not approve the action of placing picnic tables on the street.How about it mayor Koos can we put some picnic tables down in your parking lot so people have a place to snack outside?

    1. So, who DOES “approve” the putting of these stupid “outdoor dining” tables all over the street? The ONLY place they should be allowed is in green spaces or RIGHT in front of the place that sells the food/drink that is being consumed there, and NOT blocking cars OR foot traffic.

  3. the restaurant in front of my business has had their own outdoor seating for years they don’t need picnic tables. covid brought the tables and people are still afraid to eat inside so the tables will remain. in other words we don’t give a damn about the small business owner just go buy a bike and shut up!

    1. They’ve used that thing the made in that putrid lab for a LOT of their little desires and for exerting more control over the populace. I know they seriously get off on the power, and the people who have been completely frightened by their constant harping on it are their allies. They also DO want everyone on foot, bikes or in little electric cars, but better still using public transport. Truth is, they don’t even like us traveling much at all, thus why the “warnings” for so many countries that are unneeded and why the push to go to a resort/tourist trap and no other places if you do DARE to leave your neighborhood. I know I’ve kind of gone on a tangent but it’s ALL related and connected, all of it.

  4. After screwing the voters on a local fraudulent tally of votes in the recent election, the Koos regime is doing everything they can to frustrate Stan and run him out. Hang in there Stan! And thank you by the way for being a stand up good guy.

  5. It’s sad that the majority of the Council, the Mayor, and Reese are not hearing Stan’s request. He wants an ethics policy codified which will ensure accountability. Me thinks the Mayor & Reese protest too much.

  6. What can we do to support Stan? He has stood up for the Citizens of Normal and we need to stand with him.

      1. Sent 06/15/2021

        Dear Normal Town Council Members with the exception of Mr. Nord,

        Your attempts to marginalize and bully Mr. Nord and other members in your community is disgusting. Your children and parents must be proud. Your unwillingness and contempt for running the Town of Normal in a Moral and Ethical manner makes you criminals. Yes Criminals
        The Illinois General Assembly recently enacted a comprehensive revision of State ethics laws intended to ensure that public officers and employees adhere to the highest ethical standards. Under the provisions of the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act (enacted by Public Acts 93-615 and 93-617), all units of local government and school districts are required to adopt regulations governing political activities and the solicitation and acceptance of gifts of public officers and employees that are “no less restrictive” than those contained in that Act.

        Attorney General Lisa Madigan has prepared the Model Ethics Ordinance and the Guide to the Implementation of the Model Ethics Ordinance in order to help local governmental bodies comply with the requirements of the Act. The Model Ethics Ordinance covers the provisions of the Act required to be adopted by units of local government and school districts, and also provides an efficient mechanism for addressing and resolving ethics complaints. The Model Ethics Ordinance aims to provide guidance to local governments in implementing effective ethics regulations that will be consistent with their structure and needs.

        You have not followed this law regardless of what Mr. Day has told you.

        The fact that all of you (especially you KARIN) don’t care about your constituents, the law, and clearly have no self respect makes me physically ill. I can’t imagine any one of you believes in God or any higher power that or even your own legacy. I doubt that any punishment you receive on Earth will be as great as the punishment you will receive when you meet your maker. You are oppressive, tyrannical and uncaring. I don’t have to judge you because God already is…and remember when you look at your children that sometimes your sins will destroy generations to come. So when you look into your child’s eyes Karin and Kathleen I hope you remember these words. I do not like to bring children into discussion, but what you are doing is hurting your own children and mine.

        “No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.” – Who do you serve?


        Angela Scott

  7. Holy moly , spend some cash on a decent mic and sound system .. That is awful … .Wow .. .. the will of the council has priority ,, nuff said Koos .

  8. Well Pam Reece you showed your clear colors….your reasoning…is 1. if there are no ethics policies than you can not be guilty of bad ethics…what a defense. UNBELIEVABLE…

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