Bloomington video

By: Diane Benjamin

The meeting was relatively boring. The only conversations and vote citizens need to see is the discussion of buying guns for the police department. Public Safety is the job of government, Molly Ward and Jenn Carrillo didn’t make any comments but voted no on purchasing new guns to replace ones where parts are no longer available. Carrillo’s vote doesn’t need an explanation. Molly Ward needs to explain her no vote.

Just hit play below. Jamie Mathy pulled the item from the consent agenda so he started the discussion. Numerous questions, like not buying local, were asked and answered.

5 thoughts on “Bloomington video

  1. I am happy that Ald. Mathey is asking these questions . It is surprising that the sidearms are being purchased at an out of state retail store, and not factory direct from the Sig Sauer Govt/Military Sales dept directly.
    As for Ald. Mollie Ward , she does not have to explain her vote to anyone. She was duly elected and her worldview is what it is .

  2. That’s where you are dead wrong. She absolutely DOES need to explain herself, if asked by any of the voters she represents. 147GHRST, are you sure you were paying attention in school? This is rudimentary government. It’s not rocket science. I thought people on your apparent “side” were all for holding people accountable? What happened? Or is this another hypocritical stance?

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