Chicken Time again in Bloomington

By: Diane Benjamin The Special Use Permit for chicken keeping on Durham Dr was back on the Consent Agenda: Only one item was pulled from the Consent Agenda and this wasn’t it. When the vote was taken to approve the rest of the Consent Agenda, including the chickens, Donna Boelen and Sheila Montney voted […]

Recap of Bloomington last night

By: Diane Benjamin 33:10 – Mayor Mwilambwe recognized the 4 aldermen that are leaving office April 30th. Mboka gave a short speech and presented each with a plaque. (Remember when Normal totally ignored Stan Nord’s 4 years?) Public comment starts at 44:00. Two speakers thanked their outgoing aldermen. Gary Lambert is a can’t miss at […]

Bloomington festivities last night: Zoning doesn’t matter

By: Diane Benjamin Thank you Nick Becker for asking why the Bloomington Election Commission exists and why this redundancy needs to continue. See 1:57:45. Donna Boelen was acting mayor last night. She claimed she couldn’t vote, I remember other acting mayors voting in Bloomington. She is still an alderman so not voting meant her Ward […]

Bloomington last Monday

By: Diane Benjamin If you’ve been dying to learn all about Bloomington’s sewer system, this meeting was for you. Of course being a civil engineer would have helped understand it. The meeting was 2 hours and 28 minutes long, most of it was the presentation. Mollie Ward’s Council initiative doesn’t happen until 2:09:55. According to […]