Kevin McCarthy: Know about the Way Back Machine?

By: Diane Benjamin

If a website changes over time and something isn’t there anymore you need, it can still be seen. Type Way Back Machine in your browser and it will access a web archive site.

It will also expose liars, like Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy isn’t a psychologist, but he was playing one on the internet until he was exposed. This is a screen shot archived from 9/30/19:

McCarthy’s current website says he has a Master’s Degree in Sport’s Psychology, that doesn’t make him a PHD Psychologist but claiming he was did make people think he’s more qualified than he really was.

McCarthy only changed his website after a student doing a paper for an ETHICS class emailed him stating the above.

Some interesting links you may want to read. McCarthy should be arrested instead of serving on the Normal Town Council.


Impersonating a psychologist is very dangerous

Excerpt: The title of psychologist is protected by state law. To be licensed, an individual must hold a doctoral degree from an accredited university, have completed a one-year internship from an accredited mental-health facility or hospital, have documented supervised post-doctorate work experience and pass the licensing exam. 


Man Convicted for impersonating a psychologist

Excerpt: An Illinois man has been convicted on several criminal counts related to a psychology practice. In October 2015, the man pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge for impersonating a psychologist.


LI woman charged with impersonating a psychologist

Excerpt: A former Atlantic Beach resident was arrested in Westbury yesterday after falsely claiming to be a psychologist between 2008 and 2010.

Want unethical people representing you?

All you have to do is vote him out April 6th.

16 thoughts on “Kevin McCarthy: Know about the Way Back Machine?

  1. WOW…Talk about false advertising and deception. Every time I hear him speak I will wonder if he is just pretending to be something he is not again.

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  2. Self Aggrandizing is something the Left has done for ages, this does not surprise me in the least. I’m not saying no one on the “Right” does it, but it is truly common practice on the “Left”. Their cheerleaders bolster the lies too for good measure.

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  3. If this were an isolated incident, one could categorize it under ‘honest mistake’. But in attending and watching numerous council meetings over the last several years, I’ve seen Kevin make many incorrect or misleading statements that might fall under ‘honest mistake’. When numerous ‘mistakes’ all fall in the same direction, that being whatever Koos/Reece want, they’re no longer ‘honest’, if they are even mistakes. When a given topic becomes controversial, it seems Kevin at best parrots what he’s been told to say and at worst purposely misleads.
    We need council members who will Represent the people of Normal – not look for excuses to justify questionable or even corrupt-but-legal spending, not look for excuses to raise taxes and fees, just to push forward the official agenda.
    Vote Tiritilli – Bloomenshine – Harsh – Sila

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  4. He a for hire personal trainer for biking and running. That explains why he diverts so much money from the roads to the trail. He is building his for-profit “gym” with your money!

    I expect he refers a ton of bike business to his buddy Koos. Quite a racket they have going.

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  5. Did he put “PhD” in his title? Or is it that he called himself a “Psychologist”. In Illinois, you can call yourself a Psychologist if you have a master’s degree and are licensed by the state. Not sure if it is different by type (criminal organizational)


  6. I will call him Dr. McCarthy from now on.

    For real, how is it not criminal to mislead people that you have credentials you did not earn?

    Wait, he is a politician so legal and moral do not matter.

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  7. This is typical of the Normal Town Council. There’s all kinds of stuff that is questionable, even illegal. It’s up to the citizens to prove it or file the charges. In Normal there’s so much we don’t know where to begin. Just add this to the list. McCarthy’s always been a con artist.

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  8. Kevin is a far left progressive where gender fluidity is common place. We should not judge him when he chooses whatever title he feel entitled to have that day. He is practicing title fluidity. Now I want him to win to hear public commenters call him a different title at every council meeting.

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  9. The wayback machine is pretty amazing. The oldest archive of shows October 23, 2014. “Dr. McCarthy” was advertising himself as a Psychologist since at least then.

    I tend to agree, if calling himself a Psychologist was not a problem, then why would he change it? Little else seemed to have changed over the years.

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