Responsible Cities donors

By: Diane Benjamin

The Responsible Cities PAC was formed by people like Chris Koos and Mike Straza. Look at who donated to the PAC, these are the top 25:

If you look at the entire list of donor you will find other familiar names: RC McBride, Allen Sender, his wife Elizabeth Robb, Paul Harmon, George Gordon, Catherine Crockett, and others.

They comprise the establishment of the democrat party and the Chamber of Commerce invitee list.

See all the donations here:

Expenses can also be viewed. Consulting, polling, and legal fees. Very responsible.

Since they are endorsing candidates, you need to know who is on the other side of those endorsements.

Funny how the two founders haven’t contributed a cent.

9 thoughts on “Responsible Cities donors

  1. I was just wondering who backed them for the mailing that I got today. I wasn’t real pleased. How can we form our own?

    The most liberal Democrat household in my neighborhood is backing Straza (GOP) & I decided that my conservative GOP household would support MBOKA (Democrat) because of his voting record on the council. He appears to be a stand alone conservative like Stan Nord. Mixed up are we? So what’s that tell you?

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  2. I’m voting Mboka too, he seems to have more sense and is more “real” than the others, sort of like I’d vote for Joe Manchin before I would vote for Mitt Romney.


  3. The Donor list – a veritable sausage of ageing libs, the merely ignorant , happy clappers and shape shifters. The one thing they all have in common : The Grift off the city, in one form or another. So how much DOES a never elected to anything 1st time candidate for Mayor cost these days ?


  4. Koos destroyed Normal’s finances. Straza is a younger version of Koos. The GOP are backing Straza because the GOP chair goes to church with him.

    The GOP are backing Straza based on his personality not his platform.

    Read Chuck Erickson’s posts endorsing Mboka. FYA…Chuck used to be the GOP chair.

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  5. It’s very sad and down right Orwellian the controls that the Democrats have! I’ve tried to stick up for Jon Reed who is running for the school board for speaking TRUTH but the WGLT R. C. McBride with the Sonny Garcia Marxist crowd is all over Jon attacking him for dare speaking out against the domestic terrorism of Black Lives Matter and the leftist agenda! Even when I comment about it on WGLT my comment is instantly removed and ONLY the American hating Left is allowed to be heard!

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    1. ISU was recently bragging about getting an award for being ‘voter friendly’. I went to the information page they were providing to students that listed the contests and the candidates and their links. Strange, almost NONE of the candidates I currently plan to vote for had their links included, while nearly all of the establishment candidates had links. Their award should be revoked.
      (At a glance, WGLT seemed okay, vs their shenanigans last elections cycle…)


  6. This election needs to be grassroots. Last time, anyone who hadn’t heard of Stan Nord couldn’t help but notice his supporters made up seemingly a quarter of the St Patrick’s Day parade. (Hmm… awfully convenient that there’s no parade this year for all of Marc’s supporters!) So we need YOU to help get the word out!
    Ask for signs, ask for car magnets, talk/text/email anyone who will listen about why we need change. If you can, donate money to help counter the thousands of dollars IRResponsible Cities has. (If every Stan voter contributed just $5, we’d match what’s listed in this article!) Radio / YouTube / etc ads take money!

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