Chamber of Commerce endorsements you need to see!

By: Diane Benjamin

From the McLean County Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee Facebook page:

Notice a missing endorsement?

No mayor of Normal? Gee, Chris Koos isn’t pro-business with his “right fit” philosophy? Chamber?

Brad McMillan:

McMillan teaches at Bradley:

From their website:

McMillian is Executive Director of the Institute for Principled Leadership in Public Service since its inception in 2007

Now jump to Illinois where campaign contributions and expenditures can be looked up for candidates:

See November 21, 2020. McMillian joined the Chamber even though he is a teacher in Peoria. Go to the link, Brad donated much of his campaign war chest, it’s fine to buy a Chamber Membership with the campaign funds.

Next see December 9, 2020. He also used campaign funds to purchase a campaign list from the Chamber he joined a few weeks earlier.

Next go back to who the Chamber PAC endorsed. Surprised Brad McMillian made the list?

You shouldn’t be.

One thought on “Chamber of Commerce endorsements you need to see!

  1. WTF is the chamber thinking about with Normal It sickens me how much normal gvt has infiltrated the chamber. Stan Nord told me the Chamber refused to tell the town to get local bids for town work. He said they did not want to get involved town business. So much for the Chamber looking out for local businesses. Why would someone join the chamber if they won’t even stick up for them?. Guess that is what they jumped at a Bradly Teacher who bought a membership and endorsement.

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