Strike 2 for Koos!

By: Diane Benjamin

Chris Koos had rulings against him before for violating the Open Meetings Act, but never 2 very close together.

This was the first violation:

The Attorney General’s office finally found time to rule on a second (OBVIOUS) violation. This one was filed in 2019 by Karyn Smith.

WEEK has the story:

Media keeps pretending the Normal Council violated the Open Meetings Act. The culprit is Chris Koos. He shut down Marc Tiritilli and Karyn Smith when both tried to speak at Public Comment.

If the rest of the Council is also guilty, what they are guilty of is playing bobble-head to Koos’ tyranny.

McCarthy, Preston, Cummings, and of course Koos have to go April 6th!

See the last paragraph of the WEEK story, the town released a statement. If Attorney Brian Day didn’t know Koos was acting in violation of OMA two years he needs fired. Normal only changed the policy to the ridiculous one they have now because they knew the AG was going to rule against them.

When the NEW Council takes over citizens will be allowed to speak. After all, those people represent you, they don’t rule you.

4 thoughts on “Strike 2 for Koos!

  1. This is not strike 2 for Mayor Koos. It’s strike 3. I filed a complaint against his 45 day gag order in 2017 that the Public Access Attorney agreed with me on in 2018. This resulted in the Normal Town Counsel dropping this from their public comment rules. The mayor and Council could have changed the rules back in 2018 and avoided the two most recent complaints / violations but they refused. In baseball, it’s three strikes and you’re out. Let’s hope that holds true in elections.

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  2. MAYBE we should feel sorry for Koos. Maybe the EMF’s from his electric car has rewired his brain to the point where he don’t KNOW right from WRONG or day from night. I feel sorry for him! But I’m also sorry the PTL club went off the air also….


    1. I think what you’re trying to say is that you’re going to miss Koos’ political theater when Marc Tiritilli is in the mayor’s chair. No worries, you’ve got Kathy, the Queen (Pam Reece) and probably four more years of McCarthy to fill the supporting roles. Should be entertaining. Start popping your popcorn.


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