Unethical Kevin McCarthy

By: Diane Benjamin

If you didn’t read the comments to yesterday’s story, a link was posted to Trustee McCarthy’s performance training website. Google Path Performance – the link won’t connect to this story.

Well, yesterday it had a section stating Kevin did training at Rosa Parks. Today it’s gone, sort of like his disappearing claims of being a doctor: https://blnnews.com/2021/03/18/kevin-mccarthy-know-about-the-way-back-machine/

To prove Kevin McCarthy should be charged with official misconduct if he doesn’t recuse himself from the discussions about installing a Fitness Court, this is what was on his website yesterday:

I can post a link proving this was on McCarthy’s website: https://web.archive.org/web/20181113043910/http://pathperformance.com/coaching/endurance-coaching/one-on-one-endurance-coaching/

This is a conflict of interest and completely unethical for McCarthy to participate! He wouldn’t have removed that part if it wasn’t. He changed it from Rosa Parks Commons to Underwood Park. I have proof a citizen emailed him about his conflict.

Of course Chris Koos, bike and sports shoe shop owner, doesn’t recuse himself when the endless bike trail building is on the agenda. Kevin learned from a the top unethical scoundrel. Add Chemberly Cummings using your money to create activists – Youth on a Mission. Is Finance Director Andrew Huhn still the Treasurer of the Town’s insurance company? Why doesn’t Karyn Smith recuse herself from anything related to ISU? She does work for them!

I think this list could easily get a lot longer.







13 thoughts on “Unethical Kevin McCarthy

  1. Nothing looks more guilty than someone scrambling to delete their ties to something corrupt. Typical Koos politician.

  2. Diane Diane Diane…you’re beating your head against the wall. (But I’m glad you do!!! Maybe someday it’ll pay off) Normal’s leadership has been chicken sh#t for as long as I can remember. This current group of bozos are arrogant wannabe elites who play favorites, are self serving, unappreciative, and out of touch with their taxpayers. The DO NOT care.

    1. Rebbecc22…and Scott Preston and Chemberly Cummings think they have the integrity and spine to fight for us as our State Rep…HA… These 2 will be even more of a puppet at the state level than they are now.

  3. Brenda I think Preston and Cummings have no intention of fighting for us…..they are part of the problem not part of the solution …. they are kind IS the problem. They want us to have more of what we’re getting!!

  4. If it’s unethical, in Illinois doesn’t that make it illegal? Can Kevin be placed under Citizen’s Arrest? Is that a real thing?

    1. So long as people like Cummings and that gal the quite in Bloomington, Jenn something or other, have political influence we’ll keep going down hill as a country and a society. To many people that only sign their checks on the back are in government positions.

  5. For 20+ years Mayor Bikeshop has voted on bike projects that increase his personal profit and the town’s legal and police have always looked the other way. I don’t see ethical behavior starting because of a BLNNEWS story. I have said this for a long time, Normal government is corrupt and no one cares. It will take the FBI getting interested in Normal like they did in Dixon for anything to change. Unfortunately by then Normal’s reputation will forever be shot like Dixon’s. The staff don’t care because they will be comfortably retired elsewhere with a pension, just like Mark Peterson.

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