Unethical Kevin McCarthy

By: Diane Benjamin If you didn’t read the comments to yesterday’s story, a link was posted to Trustee McCarthy’s performance training website. Google Path Performance – the link won’t connect to this story. Well, yesterday it had a section stating Kevin did training at Rosa Parks. Today it’s gone, sort of like his disappearing claims […]

Pam Reece needs to pay this herself!

By:  Diane Benjamin Remember the TWO properties Normal has been paying property taxes on FOR YEARS that should be exempt? See this story from August of last year:  https://blnnews.com/2019/08/11/normal-like-paying-property-taxes-you-dont-owe/ Surprise!  The Adelaide property is still listed as taxable (14-32-279-011), the Town now owes another $9,591.86.  Previous bills totaled $36,485.88.  New total:  $46,077.74 The Town owes […]