Pam Reece needs to pay this herself!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember the TWO properties Normal has been paying property taxes on FOR YEARS that should be exempt?

See this story from August of last year:

Surprise!  The Adelaide property is still listed as taxable (14-32-279-011), the Town now owes another $9,591.86.  Previous bills totaled $36,485.88.  New total:  $46,077.74

The Town owes another $2,116.96 on the Fort Jesse property. (14-22-476-016)  Previous total was $12,229.30.  New total:  $14,346.26

Grand Total:  $60,424.00 thrown out the window!

Your professional staff at work!

Why should Pam not be charged with official misconduct for knowingly failing to protect tax dollars?  She was informed about these two properties at a public meeting and promised to fix them!

Reece is an employee of the Council.  I know one member who cares, do the rest of them approve of throwing money away?  Ask them!

Pam promised last year it would all be fixed and the money refunded.  She never fixed it and she expects the taxpayers of Normal to pay for her ineptness.

How much other money does she waste?

One sure way to find out is to elect new Council members and Mayor who actually cares.

Pam needs this deducted from her massive paycheck!

If you want to watch the video of Monday’s Normal Town Council meeting that isn’t microscopic, it has finally been fixed:

12 thoughts on “Pam Reece needs to pay this herself!

  1. I knew and can remember when Pam was a dedicated city employee, but like so many others after many years in government they forget that they are there to serve rather than be served.

    At this point her eyes are just on the finish line and that pot is gold pension.

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  2. There’s only three reasons why Pam would not correct this error that she herself promised to fix: (1) She (likely at the direction of Koos and the Clique) don’t want to admit that they made a mistake and, worse still, that Stan, Diane and others were correct. In other words, she’d rather blow taxpayer money than concede defeat to political adversaries; (2) She is lazy and careless; or, (3) The movement of funds is to hide something, enrich someone, or serve some political end that we’re not yet aware of.

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  3. It will be fun to watch this crew deal with the aftermath of the Chinese Communist Party Virus lock-down economic bomb.

    Another semester without students combined with many still unknown economic damage to our economy will be the death knell for the Town of Normal’s ludicrous spending and fiscal irresponsibility.

    Let’s see how well Pam and Fuhrer Koos manage eliminating services and laying off employees?

    There is no way to delay the trouble coming everyday to these fools and the fools who support them.

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    1. $100 million and climbing for a few blocks of restaurants, bars, and nicknack shops. Great planning by those government central planners! Uptown is getting exposed as the utter nonsensical failure and the fantasy land of the elitists in Bloomington-Normal that it is.

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  4. This is beyond comprehension! She was outed in public, She has done nothing to correct it. How in any stretch of any imagination does she still have this position of authority and responsibility?

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  5. Just a thought: are these buildings rented to a private party? If so, they wouldn’t be eligible for tax-exempt status.


  6. This outright disdain of fiduciary responsibility is justification for immediate termination in any private company. Koos and the council have her on such a pedestal she will receive no reprimand, likely she will get a raise.

    The motto of Normal is “Taxpayers be damned”

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