DOJ needs to intervene in Illinois

By:  Diane Benjamin

Keeping Illinois shut down is a violation of our Constitutional Rights.  Pritzker doesn’t care.  Since the Republican Party is doing nothing but begging at his feet, We The People  need to demand action by the Department of Justice.

The DOJ has been filing lawsuits against states that continue to violate religious liberty and those who are extending shutdows for political reasons.

It isn’t the governments job to keep you safe!

If it was the speed limit would be 20 miles per hour, tobacco and alcohol would be banned, and weed would not be legal.

Call this phone number to leave a nice message for the US Attorney General Barr – extention 4.  Tell him Pritzker is illegally holding us hostage!

call barr

h/t a reader:

doj constitution still relevant


5 thoughts on “DOJ needs to intervene in Illinois

  1. I have sent 4 different emails to the DOJ with the different ways JB is violating our constitutional rights. The last 2 I sent were to the Criminal Division. I have also called and left a voicemail message.

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  2. One thing that everybody seems to miss in the FAKE media like the Pantagraph. Why would ANY of his “plan” issued yesterday be legal? He has no authority extending beyond 30 days in a disaster. He can suggest this as a plan but it has no more authority of law than his previous attempts to ignore written statutes. He tried to minimize those who have stood up to him by calling them a small minority I would like to see an unbiased poll of how many do not support 100% JB’s actions. Too bad once again we are not Wisconsin, where a recall election can be held. We essentially are being forced into a police state. Fortunately some of the police recognize this and have elected to not be JB’s enforcement thugs.

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  3. Bottom line-PRITZKER HAS TO GO! Vote him and ANY of his cronies out when you get the NEXT chance!
    I say we TAKE BACK ILLINOIS! And that’s NO different then HIM trying to “take out” our economy!


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