Pritzker isn’t using science

By:  Diane Benjamin

Pritzker isn’t using science or law.  He is violating due process rights of citizens not able to open their business, travel where they want, or not where a mask.

The Edgar County Watchdogs have documented in two stories the Illinois Department of Public Health is the only authority to shut you down, and they can’t do it without a court order saying YOU are a public health risk.

Pritzker is not only violating your rights to due process, he isn’t listening to science.  See the World Health Organization website, questions and answers:

DOES the WHO say to wear a mask?  NOPE.  1-metre is 39.37 inches – not 6 feet.

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Read this section yourself – too long to copy.  It DOESN’T mention wearing a mask!  It does mention hand washing, coughing into your elbow, 1-metre, and other common sense precautions

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who maskswho masks 2

Pritzker is:

  • Violating the due process rights of every citizen
  • Ignoring science

Pritzker isn’t the only one, so is Chris Koos.  Instead of questioning Pritzker’s authority to shut down Normal’s revenue sources, Koos issued an Executive Order which tells the police to enforce Pritzker’s illegal proclamation:—Stay-at-home-enforcement-?bidId=

I know the Normal police have been called to businesses because a citizen refused to wear a mask.  I FOIA’d the body cam of an incident, my FOIA was denied.

I suggest shopping at businesses that aren’t in Normal since common sense and science are not being deployed.  If you want your business open now, see the Watchdogs two stories.  Give the authorities 48 hours notice to take you to court, if they don’t – open the doors.

Advance Notice:

reopen illinois

5 thoughts on “Pritzker isn’t using science

  1. As someone who is trained in the use of aerosol preventative PPE and used it for decades I can tell you this. From what I have witnessed from the herd it does far more harm than good. Folks pawing at the mask and face constantly, then using the hands to touch everything on their person and around them. Pulling them under their chin, taking on and off and just holding them in their hands. Maybe 1 out of 10 remotely have a decent fitment.

    If you cant do it right you are moving any captured contaminated aerosols from youself or airborne to your own face and all surfaces you touch. Like many things, doing it all wrong is more dangerous than not doing it. And for the love of Mike, why are you wearing it outside walking the dog and in your car ?

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  2. According to epidemiologists that know what they are talking about, the best thing you can do outside is keep the recommended six foot distance and wear no mask at all. They say the fresh air is actually good for everyone much better than the air you breath in cooped up in your house or elsewhere inside. One has even mentioned that mask wearing can be a detriment if done for long periods because you are actually breathing in your own carbon dioxide. I’ll listen to these guys any day compared to a politician or bureaucrats at county health departments, CDC or WHO.

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  3. Our VERY OWN “We Got Little Time” station, the other eve had a BBC story from England with KNOWLEDGABLE people telling the interviewer that wearing a mask is actually NOT the best thing, as germs can stay ALIVE on it for 3 days IF NOT washed after EACH use! They ALL basically recommended “Common sense” instead!
    That would elude ole J.B.

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