One more on Normal! More Must Watch

By: Diane Benjamin I wonder if municipalities that hate the 1st Amendment right to address government will also call on the DOJ to declare citizens terrorists? Teacher unions and school boards have: It looks like Antifa doesn’t protest Marxists in government. For a meeting that only lasted slightly more than an hour, it was […]

DOJ needs to intervene in Illinois

By:  Diane Benjamin Keeping Illinois shut down is a violation of our Constitutional Rights.  Pritzker doesn’t care.  Since the Republican Party is doing nothing but begging at his feet, We The People  need to demand action by the Department of Justice. The DOJ has been filing lawsuits against states that continue to violate religious liberty […]

Politico: Here’s Why Journalists Suck Today

By DAN May 14, 2013 My, what an interesting headline –  Journalists fume over DOJ raid on AP – if you happen to be a journalist. Yet, hardly any of these alleged journalists fumed for more than two years as an entire government defamed, demeaned and undermined honest and open political groups aligned with the so called, Tea Party, conservatism, or Glenn Beck’s efforts. In […]