Politico: Here’s Why Journalists Suck Today

May 14, 2013

My, what an interesting headline –  Journalists fume over DOJ raid on AP – if you happen to be a journalist.

Yet, hardly any of these alleged journalists fumed for more than two years as an entire government defamed, demeaned and undermined honest and open political groups aligned with the so called, Tea Party, conservatism, or Glenn Beck’s efforts. In fact, most of them played right along doing what they could to kick their own special brand of dirt on them.

Even when word broke late last week that the IRS had been targeting said groups, hardly a one of them fumed. Some dithered, some rationalized, plenty of them downplayed the story as no big deal – but none of them ‘fumed’.

Oh, but NOW they are fuming! Really? If it weren’t for the fact that it works against my own political enemies, frankly, I wouldn’t care. For the most part, these headline seeking would be careerists are worthless and their own reactions to events this past week proves that better than anything any Conservative could ever say about them.

Journalists fume over DOJ raid on AP

Journalists on Monday called the news the Justice Department seized records from phone lines assigned to Associated Press offices and its reporters over a two month period “chilling” and a “dragnet to intimidate the media.”


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