15 Reasons Liberals Say You’re Supposed to Hate Conservatives Like Me

John Hawkins | May 14, 2013


1) I think if the government is going to take a big chunk of the money that people earned to waste on programs that they’re going to get no benefit from, it should say “thank you” instead of complaining that those people are still not “paying their fair share.”

2) I don’t think that every time someone experiences a misfortune, the government “MUST ACT.” I don’t expect heaven here on earth and even if that were possible, the same people who run the IRS, DMV and DHS aren’t going to be the ones to provide it.

3) I also think it’s stupid to suspend children from school for playing cops and robbers or pointing a chicken finger at another kid and saying “bang.” If a kid’s misbehaving, call his parents and spank him until he gets the message, but teachers need to stop picking on kids because they can’t push adult gun owners around.

4) I don’t have any white guilt because I’ve spoken out against racial prejudice, I’ve never discriminated against anyone and I think anyone who uses the words “white privilege” in a non-ironic way probably spent too much time listening to the wrong college professors. I also have friends who are black and Hispanic, but we’re not supposed to say that anymore because it’s somehow supposed to be more evidence of racism. When you know you’re going to be called a racist no matter what just for being a Tea Partier, the word loses all of its impact anyway.

5) I don’t believe in “no bullying zones” or telling a teacher when a kid is bullied. I do believe in the same strategy my father used with us, which was to tell us that if a bully picked on us, we better hit him square in the mouth or we’d answer to him.

6) I like women and if I feel like it, I will very respectfully note that I think they’re pretty. I also open car doors, pull out chairs and say, “Ma’am.” I was raised that way and if we had a nation full of men who behave that way instead of walking around with their pants hanging down to their knees referring to women as “b*tches,” this would be a better country.

7) Politicians on both sides of the aisle do nothing but lie to us all day long. Fine, that’s what they do. But, don’t act indignant when we point out you’re lying and don’t ever, ever demand that we “trust you.” Because we don’t.

8) If handling a gun makes you wet yourself, that’s fine, but don’t try to disarm me because you can’t man-up. If a burglar breaks into my house, I want to make sure that if the cops are hauling off a body when they get there 30 minutes later, it’s his, not mine.

9) I think if you’re in America, you should speak English. That’s the language we speak here and it’s rude to have a conversation in a foreign language in front of other people who don’t speak it.

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