Koos has no power, neither does the Governor

By:  Diane Benjamin

READ all the way to the bottom please!

The tyrants keeping Illinois shut down have no basis in the law to continue doing so.

Start with Chris Koos – his original ordinance #5804:    http://www.normal.org/DocumentCenter/View/16424/ORD-5824—Emergency-Authorization—032320?bidId=

That ordinance references:

emergncy references

Koos is basing his Executive Powers on the Governor’s Executive Order.  What does the law say?

state emergency

Pritzker’s authority expired 30 DAYS after he issued it .  Chris Koos’ proclamation based on whatever authority the governor gave him to enforce emergency powers expired with it.

What does the law say about LOCAL emergency declarations?

local disaster

Seven Days

Municipal code gives him 6 days:  PDF page 10


munic 48

The Council has never been asked to approve extending Koos’ emergency orders – they are therefore dead too.  If Koos brings them before the council he will have to explain how he has powers based on the governor’s executive orders when they too are expired.

We are being run by tyrants who have no regard for the law.  The Sheriff and State’s Attorney have not issued statements saying they will not arrest or prosecute violations, they need to.  Both Mayor’s need to issue statements that Pritzker has no authority under the law and businesses who can safely open can immediately.

Want to be free?

  • No local or Springfield representatives have ever voted on the lockdown.  Tyrants are making laws without the approval of your elected representatives
  • Pritzker thinks he can close churches for a year or more
  • the law says only the Illinois Department of Public Health can shut down anything – with a court order
  • If lots of businesses re-open they will not be able to take every business to court
  • lawyers are standing by to assist

The salon owner in Dallas who opened her salon against orders now has a GoFundMe account with more than $500,000.  People want leaders, Shelley Luther spoke truth to power.  Does McLean County have any leaders?

If you are on Facebook, find the Live Video Stan Nord did yesterday from Uptown.  It has close to 1400 views so far.   Stan is leading, but he needs your support.  The Council despises him because he isn’t a bobblehead.  Either the tyrants win or the people do.  It’s your choice!

A local lady is organizing a walking protest tomorrow:

Please meet me at the corner of Linden and College at 5:30 pm in Normal Illinois for a social distancing walk. #FreeMyPeople

Bring a friend. Share widely.

Show up if you are tired of tyrants!


18 thoughts on “Koos has no power, neither does the Governor

    1. They have Obedience, which is not authority. Very often the case with bullies where nobody stands up to them.
      If you can give a better explanation that Diane’s here, please cite the appropriate law or ordinance. We don’t want Your bluster, we want citations. 5 ILCS AA.BB(c) or similar. We’re waiting.

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  1. Ironic how most ANY politician NEVER looks in THEIR OWN backyard for WHERE the issue lies!!! I just heard on the news that ILLINOIS has almost 3,000 deaths from this “pandemic”.. McLean county has had 3 deaths— That’s not even a “blip” on the radar! Chicago meanwhile, has had a couple thousand, 1/3 being from nursing homes that WERE overcrowded, but ole J.B. wants to save us AND our souls-he SHOULD look at his OWN first!
    This is NOT about saving US! It’s about J.B being just like the LOCAL politicos and “fluffing up their feathers”!

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  2. Koos and Pam have the power. They have the support of the largest and most powerful branch of government backing them. One you were never learned about in civics. It is the 4th branch, the administrative branch. This branch has unlimited resources, it is made of permanent positions with no risk of job loss and a lifetime pension. They have no worry of public opinion or being voted out. They have successfully trained politicians to believe these professional staff are omniscient. Whatever they recommend must be followed. Any legal action against this branch will just use taxpayer money to fight taxpayers. Americans across the country have allowed this transition of power to occur and that is why Koos has power to do what he wants until he is voted out or the local matriarch replaced.


  3. “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear.” Frank Herbert…Dune.

    They don’t have authority……they are stoking fear and the cowing acceptance that goes along with it. Acceptance by fear is not truly authority. People can either accept the manufacture of fear and cower in subservience or go the other way while using common sense and intelligence.

    History is littered with these events. Government never solved a single one of them…..citizens overcame, adapted and most survived. Some don’t…..its how life on this planet works. Hashtags and commissions can’t change that. This virus isn’t going away, it’s part of life now. You may as well get busy living.

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  4. Love him or hate him, you have to give Trump credit for not using this as an excuse the drastically increase the size and power of the federal government. The same cannot be said at the state and local level.

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  5. Would the Chamber of Commerce have a list of businesses contact information? I think we should send “Koos has no power” and “Kirk Allen” emails that you sent out to all businesses so they can open up again!


  6. Yea, why isn’t the Chamber is Commerce standing up for businesses to reopen? My hunch is they have sworn their loyalty to government over the businesses they represent. Remember they get a shit pot of money from local governments every year. Vocally going against the lockdown is bitting the hand that feeds them. This “pandemic” is highlighting the hypocrisy of so many people and organizations.

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      1. The manual says nothing about their position on when to reopen. It does say “ We’re here for you – advocating for your business at the state and federal levels…”

        The question still remains. Are they advocating for:
        a.) Pritzger’s plan
        b.) a plan where B/N reopens like E Peoria and others?

        Option a.) is the choice of B/N government.
        Option b.) puts the Chamber at odds with local government

        Where will the chamber stand, with government or businesses?

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