Where’s AJ Zimmerman?

By: Diane Benjamin

Zimmerman ran unsuccessfully for the Normal Town council last year. He was the chair of the Normal Planning Commission too. His term was scheduled to expire on March 31, 2023, the below is from last summer:

AJ is no longer the Chairperson, in fact he isn’t on the Planning Commission now:

According to the December 9, 2021 minutes, AJ Zimmerman wasn’t there – RC McBride, defeated Trustee candidate, is now chairman: https://normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/4178

I wonder how Zimmerman swore in a witness when he wasn’t there? PDF page 7:

Anybody know why AJ quit?

6 thoughts on “Where’s AJ Zimmerman?

  1. I just quickly looked at past minutes and Zimmerman was present In August and September. There was a note in September other business that election of new chairman would be postponed until October meeting. Zimmerman was not present at October meeting per minutes. August meeting minutes are 25 pages – that must have been one long meeting. Maybe reason is in October minutes?

  2. I know this is not pertaining to your newsletter but if all goes as planned, Ellsworth will have a new addition to the population. My Daughter-in-law went in last night after her water broke just before midnight.  Ron 

  3. No mention of stepping down in any minutes back to June. Nor did any other members make a “complimentary thank you for your valued service” motion.

  4. Zimmerman swore someone in but he was not even there nor was he on the commission? Fraudulent minutes in Normal…why am I not surprised.

    1. My casual glance at the minutes saw numerous mistakes such as the one you noticed. I do not recall reading any members making any motions to correct the mistakes either.

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