Proof Normal (Koos) has No Class

By: Diane Benjamin Flashback to April 15, 2019. RC McBride was voted off the Town Council and Jeff Fritzen opted to retire after serving 32 years. (Obviously the Normal voters don’t believe in term limits) Not only did Fritzen get a bike from Koos’ shop at taxpayer expense, both got proclamations for their exemplary service […]

WGLT wants Unit 5 referendum to pass and are paying to scare you

By: Diane Benjamin WGLT employee RC McBride chaired the Vote YES for Unit 5 group that failed to get the referendum passed in November. That should convince you WGLT actively tried to convince you to vote YES, RC is the General Manager. On January 19th WGLT did a story detailing draconian cuts that would happen […]

Unit 5 Vote YES group using fuzzy math

By: Diane Benjamin See Unit 5’s state report card here: Graduation rate is 90% 35% need Community College remediation 30% of 8th Graders pass Algebra 1 26% are chronically truant (90% graduate?) Unit 5 is currently spending $12,000 per student. Unit 5 now wants a tax increase expected to raise $20,000,000. h/t a reader: […]

In case Koos wants RC McBride to run for Council again:

By: Diane Benjamin Keep in mind RC McBride is the WGLT General Manager. Media is expected to keep government in line, not be part of it. McBride is government as chairman of the Normal Planning Commission. He proves why Koos doesn’t reveal appointments in advance so the citizens have a heads up and can voice […]

Why Planning Commission meetings aren’t on video:

By: Diane Benjamin Review: All of these commissioners were hand-picked by Chris Koos. The Council is told they have to approve whoever he picks. The names of appointees aren’t given to the public until after the Council rubber-stamps them with a YES vote. RC McBride was kicked off the Council by voters, now he chairs […]

Property Rights Immaterial in Normal

By: Diane Benjamin I attended Normal’s Planning Commission meeting last night. I only stayed for 3 hours, it was still going on when I left. Here’s the takeaway: When government claims it can’t protect your property rights because laws and regulations don’t allow it, your government needs replaced with one who understands the Constitution. See […]

WGLT is Jealous!

By: Diane Benjamin Posted yesterday by WGLT reporter Ryan Denham: During-a-Fraught-Time-for-Local-Media-Conservative-Radio-Station-Sees-an-Opening File this one under local comedy. The reporter is upset that Cities 92.9 veers into opinion reporting rather than straight news. Keep in mind the WGLT General Manager RC McBride used to have a seat on the Normal Town Council until he was defeated […]

Why Koos needs GONE

By: Diane Benjamin The Normal Town Council meeting was thankfully much shorter than usual, but the attacks on Stan Nord continued unabated. Start with Koos’ secret appointments to Boards and Commission. He has stated in the past appointments can’t be discussed because they are “personnel”. They are volunteers that don’t get paid, they work for […]

Jenn: Are Suspects and criminals your highest priority?

By:  Diane Benjamin Jenn Carrillo isn’t the only one calling for the release of all prisoners from the McLean County jail, her merry band of Marxists all play the same game. I wonder if she WANTS you to be a crime victim!  Look at any democrat run city talking about defunding the police and enacting […]

Remember the letter leaked to WGLT about Stan?

By:  Diane Benjamin In case you forgot, see this story: WGLT did a story attacking Stan Nord using a letter City Manager Pam Reece sent to Stan Nord.  WGLT couldn’t possibly have obtained it by FOIA.  That letter was leaked to them, yes folks your government is either anti-business or willing to destroy anyone […]

Normal: Whining and Crying

By:  Diane Benjamin The Normal Town Council meeting last night was over TWO hours long.  Not because there was heavy discussion of spending, it was tribute night for departing Jeff Fritzen and RC McBride.  The election is still stinging the establishment!  The are worried about “the plan” and should be. The $100 a month lease […]

How much debt is Decatur in?

By:  Diane Benjamin Follow-up to this story: How much does a pretty downtown cost? I find it hilarious that RC McBride is running radio ads asking for your vote claiming they have paid off $10 million of debt. They may have, but he doesn’t mention how much debt they still have left to pay.  […]

McBride proves why he shouldn’t be a Trustee

By:  Diane Benjamin The WGLT story about last night’s Normal Town Council meeting doesn’t mention RC McBride voted for the water rate increase: Readers are left to surmise he did. This one is worse: I reported this story back on February 28: WJBC reported it on March 4: The […]

Update: Koos and McBride don’t want your opinions!

The first public comment speaker was Karyn Smith (not Karen) – also a candidate for Normal Town Council.  Other than her comments last night I don’t know anything else about her – yet. By:  Diane Benjamin When Chris Koos began public comment he made clear he would time limit the speakers so they could get […]

Normal’s unreported retreat

By:  Diane Benjamin On November 2nd Normal held a Strategic Planning Session.  It was a Friday at 10:00 am in the Executive Board Room at City Hall. Did any citizens know about or attend this meeting?  Did the press report on it? Keep in mind, Trustee RC McBride is the General Manager of […]

RC McBride proves what’s wrong with Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin He’s running again!  At least on the WGLT website they noted RC is also the General Manager of the local National Public Radio station. So RC gets paid with taxpayer dollars and then he spends tax dollars serving on the Normal Town Council.  He gets to MAKE news as a Trustee and […]

Do you get TWO cost of living raises a year?

By:  Diane Benjamin Maybe some companies do give cost of living wage increases, I’ve just never heard of any.  Of course government exists for government employees, so the Town of Normal has it written in the City Code – twice a year revisions.  Wage increases are separate. Tonight the Council has to approve a $51,000 […]

RC McBride – an obvious conflict of interest

By:  Diane Benjamin This guy is the General Manager WGLT: McBride is also on the Town of Normal Council: If you don’t already see a conflict of interest with media helping to run government, I’m not done. Monday night the Normal Council is writing some checks to WGLT, an NPR station that […]

Update: Normal to codify: Laws don’t matter

The resident radical attempting to throw Karen Schmidt off the Bloomington Council will be leading the charge in Normal: By:  Diane Benjamin According to WGLT, Normal will consider a “Welcoming Ordinance” Monday night: Considering RC McBride is WGLT’s General Manager and he’s on the Normal Town Council, they would know.  It must be nice […]

Nope, Laws don’t matter!

By:  Diane Benjamin Anybody see an agenda posted for yesterday’s meeting? According to the dead tree the Normal Town Council held a budget workshop yesterday.  In the TWO stories they did, 5 of the 7 Council members are mentioned.  Five is more than half, meaning it was a meeting.  Open Meetings Act violation #6345.  […]

Cummings: Who do you represent?

By:  Diane Benjamin During public comment many first time speakers almost begged the Council to save the historic buildings at 104, 106, and 108 Beaufort Street.  From the Council discussion, that is not going to happen. City Manager Peterson claimed all they were doing was picking a developer.  Oh they will see what they can […]

Normal: It’s the Council’s fault!

By:  Diane Benjamin The Town of Normal is pretending pension expenses are mandated by the State and they can’t afford them without raising Property Taxes. Somehow the Police and Fire pensions have been seriously underfunded for years.  IMRF retirements have been funded above the 80% level since 2013, think Mark Peterson’s retirement, while in 2016 […]

Connect the Dots

By:  Diane Benjamin You already know R.C McBride is the General Manager of WGLT radio and he is a Trustee on the Normal Town Council: , , , , , . If that isn’t enough to question the integrity of WGLT reporting, here’s more: McBride is also a precinct committeeman for the […]

More on ISU and RC McBride

By:  Diane Benjamin Update to this story: I received the email below concerning the ISU denial of the required waiver to hire RC McBride as the General Manager of WGLT: Attached to this email was: The previous story spelled out that waivers can only be issued in extraordinary circumstances – note ISU redacted those […]

Next Lawsuit: ISU

See update here: By:  Diane Benjamin I filed the following Freedom of Information request with ISU – their answer is included. They included the obligatory you have to right to contact the Attorney General . .  .: . Since we all know asking Lisa Madigan to do her job is a complete waste of […]