Jenn: Are Suspects and criminals your highest priority?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Jenn Carrillo isn’t the only one calling for the release of all prisoners from the McLean County jail, her merry band of Marxists all play the same game.

I wonder if she WANTS you to be a crime victim!  Look at any democrat run city talking about defunding the police and enacting no cash bail – the crime rate is skyrocketing.  I hear Minneapolis is telling people to carry lots of cash so when they are held up by a criminal they can buy their life.

h/t a reader

Why didn’t your democrat buddies on the County Board give the Sheriff money to frequently test inmates Jenn?  They didn’t care?  People with Covid are supposed to be in solitary confinement, at least in jail they get meals served to them!  

It isn’t “humane” to threaten the law abiding people in Bloomington by releasing felons and suspected felons.  If criminals know they will instantly be released there is no deterrent to criminal activity.  Sorry, but you lose this round Jenn. 

Of course the Sheriff can’t release prisoners anyway.  (Are you a slow learner?)  Covid has a 98+% survival rate, it isn’t a death sentence.   Maybe the Sheriff shouldn’t have gone back to personal visits, there weren’t any cases when the jail was locked down.

sandage carillo

Since Jenn’s job is to stir up radicals, she also tweeted today:

jenn 89%

I have to throw this one out there – Normal did a good thing defeating RC McBride for another 4 years on the Normal Town Council.  McBride is the General Manager of WGLT.  If you had ANY doubt where they stand politically, this should clear it up:

h/t a reader:


13 thoughts on “Jenn: Are Suspects and criminals your highest priority?

  1. Jenn and her comrades have to empty the jails so they can put Freedom loving Americans in them instead. Also once the crime rates soar they will demand your guns.
    I recall Jenn’s comrade R.C. McBride at his previous radio station in town. He always claimed he never saw left leaning bias in the media. All he had to do was look in the mirror.

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  2. Ms Carrillo and her groups spent $87,000 dollars and the Democrat Party spent $10,000 on bailing people out of jail here.These were not protesters, these were people caught on tape looting and rioting. These were criminals who committed crimes against our community. What could almost $100,000 dollars have done to help food banks, pay utilities, pay rent, give shelter ? Sad to say, it all went for nothing as most of these same people will be back in jail after being convicted and the community Ms Carrillo says she wants to help loses all that money.

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    1. Excellent points!!! What if, for example, they went around and paid off the utility bill of 100+ low-income residents or delivered bags of perishable groceries to elderly residents on a fixed income instead? Priorities Jenn!

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  3. RC is still influences politics in Normal. He uses his position at WGLT to pressure his writers to do stories that show Normal and their agenda in a positive frame. WGLT never does a story highlighting anything negative about the decisions of Koos, Pam or their minions.

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    1. McBride is a complete TOOL.

      Yes, he is definitely an enemy of the people and the United States of America.

      He is currently the de facto Minister of Propaganda for the Town of Normal.

      He will be working closely with the newly hired paid Minister of Propaganda to craft and maintain the Koos and Renner socialist narrative.

      End taxpayer funding for National Public Radio and put McBride in the unemployment line.

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  4. TO RC McnotsoBright: Nobody in Canada likes Trudeau. On the other hand depending upon the poll, Trump has in excess of 43% approval rating.

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  5. I’m sure once released these criminals and alleged criminals (those pending trial) will self-quarantine and abide by social distancing rules. After all, they already demonstrated they can play by the rules of society. Ugh. I feel like Jenn goes out of her way to address the most controversial aspects of her political platform to show how down for the cause and tough she is.

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