Inciting violence: The Local Socialists

By:  Diane Benjamin Socialists is too nice a word for the locals who want to subvert the rule of law and impose THEIR dictatorial government at every level.  Robert Garcia is one of the leaders striving to create chaos. It isn’t by accident many protest take place around the jail.  Instead of working to keep […]

Jenn: Are Suspects and criminals your highest priority?

By:  Diane Benjamin Jenn Carrillo isn’t the only one calling for the release of all prisoners from the McLean County jail, her merry band of Marxists all play the same game. I wonder if she WANTS you to be a crime victim!  Look at any democrat run city talking about defunding the police and enacting […]

Jenn Carrillo: Using the incite violence playbook?

By:  Diane Benjamin Jenn Carrillo gets talking points from the Southern Poverty Law Center.  SPLC is a money making machine promoting personal attacks for money. See more at the link above.  This organization thrives on hate and violence. Any person or organization that uses the Southern Poverty Law Center as a source for […]

What the Socialists demanded

By:  Diane Benjamin Received by FOIA. The local radicals didn’t ask for assistance, they DEMANDED it.  They have attempted to beat local elected officials into compliance with sheer volumes of insistence. As reported last night, help for people hurt by the government shutdown of the economy is already available: Bloomington elected two socialists and […]

Sheriff Sandage calls out the radicals

By:  Diane Benjamin The McLean County Board Justice Committee met yesterday.  Sheriff Sandage read a prepared statement pertaining mostly to the local elected officials and social justice warriors demanding he release inmates at the McLean County jail,  Since he did not release a printed copy of his remarks, and I know few of you ever […]

Regina, you need mental health treatment

By:  Diane Benjamin See this story from May 18, 2017: This is the opening paragraph: The first person to be banned from commenting on this site is a lady named Regina Boe.  She is employed by the Carol Stream Library, she’s far from local.  Regina was banned because she has no interest in having […]

Sheriff Emery stands by 2nd Amendment

by:  Diane Benjamin McLean County Sheriff Mike Emery is once again on the CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officers Assoc) list supporting the 2nd Amendment. These are the only Sheriffs in Illinois who pledged to protect your rights: Champaign Dan Walsh Clark Jerry Parsley Link Clinton Mike Kreke Link Crawford Todd W. Liston Signed […]