New feature: The Moron Award

By:  Diane Benjamin

Ever seen kids throwing a fit in a store when mommy won’t buy them what they want?  Ever seen mommy buy it just to shut them up?

The local babies won’t get “mommy” to comply.   Our leaders know giving into terrorists only makes them stronger.  The mom who buys them something to shut them up doesn’t understand the next trip will only be a repeat or worse.

Jenn Carrillo and Jeff Crabill are the local babies with the support of Black Lives Matter and Democratic Socialists of America.  They feel sorry for people in the County jail –  all charged with serious felonies.

If your family member was charged

with a serious crime would you feel sorry for them?

I’d say:  Don’t call me for bail!

The radicals don’t think it should cost families money to talk to their “loved” ones.  While claiming poverty, somehow they raised $1,900 for calls.

See this story:

WGLT needs to change their description, “advocates” don’t drive around the jail honking their horns when some inmates were aware it was going to happen.  Their antics endangered the lives and safety of jail employees leading to a lock down of all criminals.  Jeff Crabill was driving one of the cars.  State Farm must be proud!

Sheriff Sandage addressed the cost of calls way back to March 19th.  Carrillo and Crabill got that email.  Sandage has informed them many times since, he can’t change the rules set by the County Board, but he is the one being harassed and endangered by the terrorists.

sandage March

From Facebook:

Carrillo called on the DEMOCRAT County Board members and those running as DEMOCRATS to change the policy.  Are those the people who align with your terrorist views Jenn?  It speaks volumes about DEMOCRATS!

Summary:  By attempting to make life better for inmates the radicals made it worse.

Quote from one of my County Board representatives – Jim Soeldner:

Any County Board member that insults our Sheriff should not vote on any issues that affect him. They can’t be objective.

I ‘m starting an award for the best local example.  This week is a tie: Jenn Carrillo and Jeff Crabill.  (they might just win every week)

moron award



14 thoughts on “New feature: The Moron Award

  1. RJ McCracken, anyone know if that’s his real name, is a criminal. Anyone know who his mother is? Does she work for the government? That’s funny that Dirty Jen is calling on him. He should be inside the jail, not advocating to get people out. Jen and her family should be in an immigration detention center or back where they “invaded” from.

  2. The great thing about this award is that you have plenty of viable candidates to choose from in our area. We have an infestation of Socialist Democrats, SJWs and BLMs morons leaving their droppings everywhere while they demand this or that from the taxpayers.

    It’s time for a can a RAID (Rid All Ignorant Democrats)!

  3. There little stunt yesterday got the jail locked down even further by the Sheriff. Good job.

  4. JUSTICE: “the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of MERITED rewards or punishments” –Merriam/Webster Dictionary.

    Is it just that those living in retirement homes are on lockdown through no fault of their own? That they or their families are paying for their loved ones to live in isolation? That their families are not able to enter the building? That they have to take meals in their room?

    These “morons” have no comprehension of what justice is. The SJW is asking for special, unmerited treatment of lawbreakers. The taxpayers are paying for the inmate’s room and board. SMH!

  5. Stoopied is as stoopied does are something like that as the old saying goes, Carrillo and Graybill that is.

    Proud of Sheriff Sandage for holding the line. Guess some of these non intelligent showing people believe felons deserve the key to city. They all believe rules / laws do not apply to them. Any family hardships were brought on by the perpetrators,

    The real heroes here are our Sheriff, his great jail staff and deputies. THANKS for having our back.

  6. State Farm totally loses its credibility among employees, customers and potential customers allowing a highly paid company attorney to continuously grandstand like this in public. Any company concerned about its reputation would be calling in said employee and give them a choice between continuing said public behavior or their job. Don’t tell me about first amendment rights on this one. I have known people who have gotten fired for a lot less for behaviors outside the office. Whether its this, his political Facebook rants or wearing his questionable or offensive t-shirts while in public service, he should at least be censored by the company and warned about future behaviors and the consequences. That said, he has nothing to worry about and knows it since time after time SF has cowered to PC. Hell, they even “fired” Jake because he didn’t fit the current political narratives.

    1. Too many people don’t know about the questionable antics in local government in general, much less who the players are, and even less still who they work for. Unless somebody with deep pockets wants to make it personal, Crabill is safe behind layers of curtains of apathy.

  7. Why does Jeff Crabill think the county is “profiting from the calls” (which is what he stated in his Facebook post) I don’t know anything about the technology that is in place to allow those folks to make video calls, but I am sure that the equipment and software were not free, so it would make sense that the folks who want to use the equipment to make a video call would pay to use the service.

  8. My CONGRATS to Jenn and Jeff for receivng the award for being MORONS. Hip, hip, hooray!!!

  9. perhaps it’s a good time for law abiding citizens to form their own car line, maybe around jeff ‘s and jenn’s houses…

    1. I really like this. Let them know how we feel. No violence just a little honking, driving and let us show them we think they are #1 with our longest finger only.
      On the moron of the week…for fun can we set it up on Friday for people to submit nominations? You do a great job covering these idiots in local government but maybe someone will have a couple of stories to tell that might get missed. I would nominate JB, never learned in school where the state capitol is and believes one size fits all for Illinois. You would think he would have figured that out when he tried to wear twiggy’s pants.

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