Can Tari be stopped?

By:  Diane Benjamin Had enough of “Right Fit” yet? I remember Tari telling the Council they HAD to buy the Sugar Creek Packing property to keep anybody else from buying it.  (Like anybody else was interested)  $245,000 subverting capitalism. Tari bought the old Mennonite Hospital property so he could control who built there.  When the […]

Let It Go . . Let It Go

By:  Diane Benjamin Partial list of empty buildings in downtown Bloomington: CII East Front and Center and the building to the west Former Clark and Barlow Peoples Bank Elks Former Pantagraph building Ensenberger Condos – 6 for sale on Zillow A large variety of smaller spaces are also empty Bloomington doesn’t need another one! State […]

Update: What is the status of State Farm’s downtown building?

WGLT is reporting the sale fell through so State Farm is going to demolish the building. By:  Diane Benjamin According to this story from May, the 7th, 8th, and 9th floors were pre-leased: Guth and Associates of Champaign no longer shows this listing on their website.  In early March, when the pending sale […]

News: State Farm Downtown building

By:  Diane Benjamin H/T a Reader Rental space is being marketed by a CHAMPAIGN COMPANY.  Still no word on who is in the process of buying the building.  The rent is a lot cheaper than Uptown!  (click to enlarge) The real estate brokerage company is Guth and Associates.  Their website only lists one broker – […]

State Farm becomes better neighbor!

By:  Diane Benjamin In case you didn’t see the update to this story: I received a call from a claims supervisor on Christmas Eve.  She had obviously either read or heard about the story. On December 26th I received a call early from the guy I had been working with.  I just signed the release […]