How bad are Normal’s finances?

By: Diane Benjamin

What we do know:

Mayor Koos and the Town Council believe Uptown 1.0 is fabulous and couldn’t wait to build more.  It is a huge RED FLAG the library decided to expand at its current location instead of relocating across the tracks.  

I did file a writ of mandamus against the Town.  I am asking the judge to review the audio/minutes of the 3 1/2 hour Executive Session held last August.

The Town lawyer has already filed a Motion to Dismiss, the first court date is March 15th.  He claims its my imagination that 18 seconds to motion, 2nd, and pass the early retirements means it was discussed in private.  Yes, he used the word “imagination”.

You deserve to know what happened in this “planning session”.   This court is your last chance to find out until the majority of the Council gets replaced with people who know Normal’s “full service”  government is a failure.  Socialism always fails because decisions are based on their desires instead of allowing you the freedom to make your own decisions.  Normal has the debt and declining revenues to prove it.

Normal needs to cancel the Tiger Grant request for an underpass.  They can’t afford what they already built.

Read this story about the decline of Decatur:

Replace the words “blue collar” with “white collar”.  If Bloomington and Normal think they can tax their way to prosperity, both will be Decatur.






16 thoughts on “How bad are Normal’s finances?

  1. Thatcher was right…Koos ran out of other people’s money. I wonder who would benefit from an underpass and new green space across the railroad tracks. A local shop owner that might be nearing retirement age and may want to sell his business perhaps.

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  2. sad , just sad .. they have no fear of ether their poor choices nor their lavish acts upon the cities and its populace paying dearly for it , and also future generations , unless they flock away to escape the pain and agony left by these jokers .


    1. Some comments on the P-graph story about SF operational losses are claiming those concerned have their “hair on fire,” a childish response. When a certain Bloomimgton Council member who works at SF shared concern, people should listen.

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      1. Posted this: same post that I posted earlier here, in the comments of the Operational Losses Article in the Pantagraph – they allowed it to post and then took it down later. Here is the post that was so dangerous they had to remove it: (Spending a few minutes on this: The State Farm layoff site on will set anyone straight about doubting the extreme things that are happening at State Farm. There are many threads… take some time to look a just a few…. your jaw will drop and you will immediately understand how serious the situation is.) Encouraging people to find out for themselves outside of the mainstream media’s spin zone is a problem for the Pantagraph. It’s almost like they are trying to hide the reality of what is happening at State Farm from the public…. Sad state of affairs here…. Our media and our leadership is hiding the reality of State Farm from the people who need to know and need to prepare for it.

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    1. Not to fear, Lawrence451, Tari is working on an aquatics center, bus terminal, and Downtown Business Association. Our brightest days are ahead of us. Hahahaha!


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