Normal: Investigated and sued

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Attorney General’s Public Access office is investigating the Town of Normal for a meeting they held on January 18th.  No agenda was posted for this meeting.  That is a violation of the Open Meetings Act because the public was not notified this meeting was going to take place.

The only information on this meeting came from the media.  Four of the Seven Council members were mentioned in the story, so they had a quorum present.

See the AG’s letter Here

Pantagraph story:

Yesterday I also filed a lawsuit against the Town concerning their 3 1/2 hour Executive Session (Secret meeting) where Lyle Sumek was paid $5.345.82, the check was labeled “planning session”.

“Planning” is not a legal exemption for meeting in private.  From the same BlnNews article above:  It was shortly after this meeting when the Council Motioned, Seconded, and passed employee buyouts in 18 seconds.  Obviously the actions by your government had been discussed in private – another violation of the Open Meetings Act.  I am asking a judge to declare that meeting illegal and force the release of the minutes and audio.  The Council just voted to NOT release the minutes.

I used the new e-File lawsuit system for the first time.  Sorry Tari, it’s nice to not have to travel downtown.





7 thoughts on “Normal: Investigated and sued

  1. I think EVERYONE should file lawsuits on BOTH towns, until they become TRANSPARENT.. Ya listening mr taro… ????

    1. I received the Town of Normal’s response to what I filed a few minutes ago. They claim no decisions were made, therefore it didn’t need an agenda posted. They need to contact the Pantagraph reporter. Almost every paragraph talks about what they decided.

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