Court: No justice

By:  Diane Benjamin

In January I told you I had filed a lawsuit against the Town of Normal for a 3 1/2 hour Executive Session.  A check had been written to a consultants for more than $5000 labeled “planning session”.  Details here:

Thursday was the first court date, Judge Foley dismissed the case.  Even though I had proof I had filed with the Attorney General’s office within the 60 day time frame in the law, it didn’t matter.

Laws are written by the government for the government.  I didn’t even know the AG didn’t receive my email for more than 60 days.  It’s not like this office hasn’t failed to respond or act quickly before – it’s how they do business.  The link above shows another case I filed with them that they are investigating – another Open Meetings Act violation.

The attorney for Normal, Brian Day, said something I found funny in court.  He claimed they were discussing the appointment of a public official.

For 3  1/2 hours!

Anybody buying that?

Normal just voted to not release the minutes of the meeting.  The only way you will ever find out what they were really discussing is to replace the majority of the council.  The current batch would rather hide what they are doing than let the people paying the bills know.   Secret meetings make them feel important while sticking you with the bills.

Maybe they were discussing who should handle the bankruptcy.  Koosville isn’t looking real good right now.




9 thoughts on “Court: No justice

  1. We the voters should remind Judge Foley of her folly affair if she runs again as get rid of her!! The court system should have gotten rid of her when her folly affair was going on.


  2. Great effort, Diane! Sorry things came up short. Let not your heart be troubled. It seems Koos’ utopia is coming slowly unravelled. I think it’s going to be a slow and painful economic death played out in full view of the voters and community. Koos and his pals can hide minutes or documents but they can’t hide the reality of the marketplace.

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    1. We aren’t a DEMOCRACY! We are a Republic meaning laws take precedence over majority opinion. A problem happens when unethical lawmakers write the laws. Is there any other law were you have to be found guilty within 60 days?


  3. They could/would take 3 and a 1/2 hours to decide if a footprint in the snow is a Converse or not even though it says Converse right in the print, well, if they were getting paid that is.

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