Rent Payments and more Normal spending

By:  Diane Benjamin

For approval Monday night:

See page 14 for what “buy local” looks like:  Amazon, Amazon, Amazon, Amazon, etc etc – plus some others.

Eating your money:

Looks like a few more employees got free bus rides, who got the shirts?

More money to non-profits, 2nd of 3 payments for the bike sharing program, and paying for empty buses. 

Keep in mind any numbers given are BOARDINGS, not riders.  Switching buses means each rider is counted more than once. 

Looks like being owed $2.75 million means you can pay your rent late.  $30,670 x 12 x 15 yrs = $5,520,620.  (1 Uptown Circle)


Being in debt is expensive:

Should we celebrate they bought local? Did anyone see a bid?


11 thoughts on “Rent Payments and more Normal spending

  1. Once AGAIN, $84K for Zagster, let’s see, IF we buy a bicycle for $500 we could get 168 of them, which would be WAY MORE then needed, PLUS we’d OWN them and not be RENTING them! Who’s the bad mathematician in UPTOWN? With THIS kind of costs, I REALLY wonder WHO is running Vitesse?? Or do they make money? These folks have an OUT-OF -CONTROL spending problem!

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  2. Positively obscene. Every last one of them ought to be ashamed of themselves for spending our tax dollars so irresponsibly. But that’ll never happen because they have no conscience at all. Well at least their friends are happy–our wealth is being redistributed to them.

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  3. Maybe the library will be moved into the second floor of #1 Uptown along with the inspectors to lower the square foot cost to 1.5% of normal square foot cost of commercial space in B/N.


  4. The insanity continues, the cronyism continues, the bike fiasco continues (but SOMEBODY is making out like a bandit…) I’d love to see which “local artist” scammed them out of $878.65 – and what an odd price unless that adds tax .

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