Normal: You can’t make this stuff up

By:  Diane Benjamin As reported in this story – Normal will reject a bid for a bike share program tonight: The previous contract was a 3 year deal with Zagster.  I think it is safe to assume this contract wasn’t a revenue cash cow for Zagster because they didn’t bother to bid this time. […]

How it’s done in Texas vrs Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal decided they had to spend tax dollars for a bike share program: Instead of allowing Zagster to set up their own program, if there is even a demand for bike sharing, the Town once again usurped capitalism. How is bike sharing done in the most liberal city in Texas – […]

Rent Payments and more Normal spending

By:  Diane Benjamin For approval Monday night: See page 14 for what “buy local” looks like:  Amazon, Amazon, Amazon, Amazon, etc etc – plus some others. Eating your money: Looks like a few more employees got free bus rides, who got the shirts? More money to non-profits, 2nd of 3 payments for the bike sharing […]

What Normal is paying tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin Bills for approval tonight: This is for the Big Group going to DC to beg for money: The media gets paid: Bikes: Normal paid Connect $32 for their employee’s rides + this subsidy: Video for Uptown, events?  I have no idea, but it’s a frequent expense. Elections matter – this expense […]