How it’s done in Texas vrs Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin

Normal decided they had to spend tax dollars for a bike share program:


Instead of allowing Zagster to set up their own program, if there is even a demand for bike sharing, the Town once again usurped capitalism.

How is bike sharing done in the most liberal city in Texas – Austin?


Report: City has generated $723,000 in scooter permit application fees

The story is about scooters instead of bikes, but instead of paying for the program themselves like Normal, Austin licensed private companies and charged them for the privilege.  Austin also collected more than $33,000 in impound fees.

What was this money used for?


Those funds have been funneled into a city fund that “pays for sidewalk fixes and cleanup, engineering work, downtown initiatives and parking enforcement,” according to the Statesman.

Austin plans to make even more money by giving the police ticket writing ability for dangerous riders.

Illinois lost 45,000 residents last year.  Texas gained 379,128.  Prosperity trumps tyranny yet again.  The Illinois exodus will continue as long as progressives control the state.  People who can will flee to where they are allowed to make their own decisions.  Here, those in charge think they are way smarter than you.



11 thoughts on “How it’s done in Texas vrs Normal

  1. It all comes down to market economics vs government economic socialism. Why is it so hard for liberals to understand that capitalism works and socialism doesn’t? The proof is everywhere. Are you listening Mayor Little Man and Fuhrer Koos?

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    1. Because they despise individuals thinking for themselves. The genesis of liberal ideology is that certain people – they and those that share their beliefs – are inherently superior and those that disagree are inherently wrong. They believe individuals acting on their own cannot be trusted to do what liberals believe is “right” and thus they should or must compel citizens through the force of government to adapt to their way of thinking.

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      1. There has been a shutting off of all debate by the radical left. You are either with them or you are a white nationalist Nazi. College campuses are of course the worse where radical professors and compliant liberal administrations are teaching and enabling socialist (me too) radical agendas. Watch this if you want to see what is happening on our college campuses (NPC University 20 Free Speech)


  2. A little off topic but…..How it may be done in Iowa….. Unlike Illinois the land of continual uncontrolled spending and taxation. Iowa has a bill being pushed to set a cap on how much local governments can take out for real estate taxes. They also are working on setting a 2% cap as the maximum increase a real estate bill can go up annually.

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  3. At one time Bloomington had a vehicle tax. It was a decal that was displayed on windshields.
    Bicycles use the roadways. Much monies have been spent here to create bike lanes. There seems to be quite a few of them. Time for a wheel tax on all bicyles. Maybe only $5 a year for a small sticker.
    All bike shops should sell these stickers. That would eliminate the city and the town from having to create departments of bicycle registration. The tax payers have financed bike lanes. It is time for a small payback. And the faculty, staff, and students of ISU should not be exempt.


  4. It would seem that there a lot more bicycle lanes than there are bicycles around these parts.
    Maybe bicycle toll booths on Constitutional Trail would be a better plan. But then again there could be armed robberies at those booths.

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  5. Yeah doesn’t everyvody in China ride bicycles. What about all those pics of folks riding around with milk crates on the back full of chickens and stuff? National geographic pics. You know the ones. Anyway check this link:
    Literally tens of thousands of bicycles discarded in bicycle graveyards! But will it play in Peoria-Blo-No when it don’t play in China? Those damned progressives just cannot grasp the idea of learning from history. So sad. So stupid.

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