Jenn: Evil?

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What EVIL are you fighting Jenn?

Capitalism?  Not enough free stuff?  Evil oil companies?  Karen Schmidt?  Anybody who isn’t a democratic socialist?

Obviously the election wasn’t non-partisan.  Jenn has a agenda that isn’t negotiable.



20 thoughts on “Jenn: Evil?

  1. Where does people’s action get its’ money for T-shirts, megaphones etc. Are brown shirts and armbands in their next budget ? Will the Demo County Chair soon be sporting a funny little mustache. Be patient good people, for anger breeds hate and hate destroys itself.

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    1. To answer your question on where the money comes from, there are many mainline denominational churches in Bloomington Normal who support this organization as part of their missions budget. A lot of the members of these churches are older and have absolutely no idea what this organization is about.

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  2. Then Jenn you must be fighting yourself. Peeps know where you work and peeps ask you to say hi to the tidy bowl man.


  3. Well people this is what you voted for. Really look at this group and Jenn Carrillo.
    Quote- Dr Maya Angelou- When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

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  4. Diane, you are absolutely right. So we will probably never know their financing, unless they somehow slip up.
    If they do, you may well be the first one to notice.


  5. Someone should ask Carrillo why she is so angry and at whom? The answer would likely be personally revealing. Can’t wait for her to start talking at Council meetings. It’s questionable she has a full set of marbles.

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  6. I can’t wait to watch Jenn at a City Council meeting. She won’t be able to control her career protesting mindset and fist raising anger. It will be the best advertising for Tari’s opponent at the next election. Wonder how she will react to not getting her way or people that dare to questions her wisdom.


    1. Wanna bet Jen comes to council meetings in jeans and her favorite T-shirt? She will be there ready to spew her lies to the community about how we need to embrace the illegals and let them vote .

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  7. She is angry with white people. White people are evil. Actually white men are the most evil. If you are an old white man (me) then you are definitely evil. We have white privilege. It allowed us to automatically be successful because we are white. It has nothing to do with the fact that European descended white people have higher average IQs than most other races (except for Asians). It has nothing to do with European descended white people taking education seriously (there are plenty of exceptions of course). It has nothing to do with European descended whites not pretending to be victims of an imaginary force that keeps them from bettering themselves. It has nothing to do with European descended people having a strong work ethic built into their cultures (there are plenty of exceptions of course).

    Yes it’s all my fault. I am the one holding back black and brown people from being successful in this country. I need to pay them all money and say I am sorry publicly for what I and all other white men have done to oppress non-white people. I also need to give them the political power to extract the advantage white people have and give it to black and brown people. I need to give and give and give and they need to get what they deserve from us white devils.


  8. It is going to be interesting for Bloomington Normal to have a politician with an attitude like hers. Glad I live in the country, away from this utopia.


  9. Jenn seems inept – she made a Major typo when she left out the ‘for’. People will get the wrong impression if you just put ‘fighting evil’.


  10. Illinois People Action….this is why I question the local Catholic Churches. IPA believes abortion is good, promotes violence’ and then they pretend they are like Jesus. The Catholic Church’s financial contribution and support of this organization is difficult to stomach. St.Michael Pray for us.

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    1. The local Catholic parishes that gave or give to IPA are in the old part of town (Holy Trinity, St. Mary’s for two that I know of. They also had liberation theologists on staff or as pastors. As a Catholic, I wrote both of them how disappointed I was and how misguided they were. That said, one should be more worried about some local Protestant denominations that are much more liberal and active in IPA activities. The Methodist, Presbyterian and Unitarians come to mind.

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  11. Crazy Jenn is the local, ugly Marxist face of the majority of leadership of today’s Democrat Party and at least a large minority of the Millennial generation.


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