Again, not everything is government’s job

By:  Diane Benjamin

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’

Ronald Reagan

Dick Durbin thinks everything is government’s job.  He also thinks the cost is immaterial.  Churches and families used to take care of each other.  That was before  government saw they can buy votes with other people’s money.  Dick makes every government program sound wonderful and essential.  He fails to mention hiring more government employees, their benefits, their pension, and how half of the funding will never get to anybody.  The bureaucracy will swallow it.

By government assuming the mandate to “love one another”, everyday people don’t and mostly can’t anymore.  Simply voting democrat makes far to many believe they have done their compassionate duty.  Putting government in charge means unnamed pencil pushers will dole out money as they see fit.  Think Veterans Administration.  Dick’s new program will also fail because government has no interest in solving problems.  They wouldn’t have a job if utopia was ever achieved.  Durbin obviously thinks common peons aren’t capable of caring for each other.

If we want government to do less, we have to do more.  

Here is Dick’s latest:

(the links have been disabled)

It’s time for Congress to provide America’s caregivers and their families with resources and support. Add your name now.


More than 34 million Americans are serving as dedicated home caregivers for their loved ones, whether it’s a parent or spouse struggling with Alzheimer’s disease or a child with special needs.

These caregivers are devoting their time to meeting others’ needs, which can carry significant emotional and financial burdens. It’s time that we give these heroic caregivers some care too.

Join me in standing up for these Americans who are making sacrifices to care for their loved ones. Tell Congress to pass the Supporting America’s Caregivers and Families Act.

This legislation will provide additional funding for caregiver support programs and ensure home caregivers receive the training and support they need to care for their loved ones.

Hardworking, dedicated home caregivers are already doing so much. We have the power to ease some of the burden off of their shoulders and show that America has their backs.

Our caregivers and their families need our help. Sign on now to show your support.

My best,

Dick Durbin


6 thoughts on “Again, not everything is government’s job

  1. Where was Dicky when Illinois was trying to tax the “implied” income those caregivers were giving their loved ones?


  2. Met and chatted with Dick Durbin years ago when he ran for Lt. Gov. I was not impressed then and even less impressed now. I assume that he and Renner see eye to eye for they are about the same height

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  3. Funny he didn’t mention any of this when the YWCA was doing home care, making less than minimum wage, and neglecting the elderly. 👏👏👏


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