District 87 spending your money

By:  Diane Benjamin On a tip from a reader I FOIA’d 2 years of credit card charges from District 87.  I’m not anywhere close to looking at everything yet.  I will post items I found as I go through the files. Start with this one from July 2017: No, Barry Reilly didn’t spend all that […]

We caused 911?

Common Core was throw out of Texas, but it was replaced by CScope – even worse!  Public Schools no longer teach American Exceptionalism, even though much of the world has been pulled from extreme poverty by capitalism.  Other countries are now more free than we are.  Public Schools are now teaching 911 was our fault!  Can […]

Another Get your Kids Out of Public School

 CSCOPE: EXPOSING THE NATION’S MOST CONTROVERSIAL PUBLIC SCHOOL CURRICULUM SYSTEM This is what Common Core will turn into. In February, Texas announced that the state, along with the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum (TESCCC,) would enact major changes to the controversial curriculum management system dubbed CSCOPE. The system received a litany of complaints from faculty […]

State Farm To Leave Illinois, Move To Texas

This site will end without your support.  Click here to contribute:   http://blnnews.blogspot.com/ State Farm, the nationally-known insurance chain headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois, has apparently had its fill of “The Land of Lincoln’s” confiscatory taxes.  The 800 million dollar company is reported to have purchased “substantial workspace” in the Dallas, Texas area. The giant insurance firm’s […]