Is State Farm Moving More People to Texas?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Just a rumor going around until it is confirmed. I’m hearing an entire department is moving or the department is being outsourced.

What have you heard?

I assume you heard Unti 5 claimed their property tax base is down this year.  It should be for every government taxing body if a lot of people bothered to protest their assessment.  

How will government respond?  Cut spending?  Not likely until new leadership is elected.

19 thoughts on “Is State Farm Moving More People to Texas?

  1. Investments Department will have all new hires located in Dallas, and early next year will start relocating people from Bloomington.

      1. It was on the SF News Friday. I don’t know how many impacted. But I do know several people who retired out of that department over the summer, so they’ve likely been working on it for awhile.

  2. More skilled, high-paying labor leaving BN. Again! This has been going on for some time. Notice how the State Farm jobs coming to BN are customer service, claims, and other low-paying, low skill jobs. Big Red says the workforce numbers remain the same in BN, which may be true, but the salaries and skill sets are not remaining the same. Hmmm… Of course, the local politicians remain in denial about State Farm’s relocation of this key mid-upper income population (which pays above-average local property and sales tax). They’re too busy centrally plan the community and the lives of everyone in it with input from the local clique, of course.

  3. Great, on top of B/N’s unwillingness to reduce any spending which has continued to drive taxes up and push more jobs out of Illinois, fewer people will remain to share in the tax burden.

    This further shows how irresponsible it is for taxpayers to be shelling out for Trail East. If Farnsworth and AFNI wait a year, there may be room for them in one of State Farm’s buildings. Parking would be so much better there than in Uptown.

    1. Yes… This is a toxic brew that will make the coming downsizing of State Farm even worse. No one in leadership has said ONE word about what we all know is going to happen to State Farm. Just like cancer, it is not going away because you ignore it. First admit you have a problem and then take steps to deal with it. The liberal socialist elitist leadership here instead ignores the cancer and operates like “nothing” is going to change their vision of the future. “That is not an iceberg ahead, pour another glass a champagne and give the waiter another big tip….”

  4. Cannabis tourism and a revitalized downtown will be Bloomington’s economic salvation along with Rivian say our fearless leaders. I have my doubts that local leadership is even aware of what SF is doing or what they are planning to do in the future. Saving an old building because of its location is all they care about. BN Advantage will make sure we have “farm to fork” places to stuff ourselves that are trendy and overpriced.

    1. As someone who was here before State Farm up-sized to their current employment numbers, I know what their people/money did to change this town. As State Farm pulls high wage jobs and people from this area, no cannabis tourism, dead downtown Bloomington, restaurants or want-a-be car maker is even going to scratch the surface of the kind of money that will be needed to keep this area from falling into complete economic decline. What will even the loss of just 1000 high wage State Farm workers do to this area? What will be the ripple effect in support jobs? How many other people will lose their jobs in the community? Who will buy their luxury homes in all the fancy subdivisions that have been build over the last 25 years? What will happen to the tax base in the area? How will the cities make up the shortfall in revenue? How much more retail will close? How much will sales taxes decline? How many restaurants will be forced to close? How many low to lower wage workers will be forced to leave the area because there are NO jobs for them?

  5. I’m another 4 to five years you will see the last of the baby boomers retire from State Farm. How many do you think are going to stay in B/N? They represent the last of the WWII greatest generation . I know IMO e of those folks and have lists of friends in that group and I know very few who plan to stay here because it’s about making your retirement money last. And it’s not just big red that will contribute to this. Country Companies will as well, Then their kids move with them

    1. Really Tom? If this is some sort of slight to Diane’s journalism… it didn’t work. FYI – if you go to, someone from State Farm is also talking about this.

      In case you are new here Tom – State Farm (and all the other legacy insurance companies) are currently being disrupted by InsurTech companies. They will be forced to become more efficient and embrace technology or become lines in history books. State Farm will be FORCED to layoff people if they want to survive. It is just a matter of time now.

      And for all you real estate brokers out there: Beycome is out to make you obsolete too.

      The world is changing pretty fast. Hold on to your hats and your jobs!

  6. Asking a question of the readers and allowing for intelligent discussion is how this site is different from most of the rest of the media, especially in this area Tom. Geesh, get a brain and a new pastime.

  7. I would definitely ban Regina, she’s only here to antagonize and disrupt. Even the entertainment value has dismished to zero.

    1. I respectfully disagree. We need to see and hear the stupidity people like her spout. This, if only to remind us of what our leadership will be like if they win elections. People like her are the poster child of an ignorant society of entitlement and why people need to get off their azz and vote.

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