Update: Normal is hiring a Propaganda Manager

Email received by FOIA:


By:  Diane Benjamin

This ad was posted on September 19th in AppVault:
The Town of Normal is looking for a Communications & Community Relations Director!
The ideal candidate will be capable of translating these values into a robust communication program that supports the strategic plan of the Town of Normal. To that end, the Director will develop and execute communications projects and oversee all multi-media communications as the leader of the Communications Department. This position serves as an adviser to the City Manager and Town Council on community engagement, and is responsible for the oversight and delivery of the Town’s varied and integrated communications services including but not limited to: e-news and other online communications; internal communications, social media; traditional media and public relations; as well as outreach for Town projects and events. This position reports to the City Manager.
The starting salary for this position is up to $97,205 depending on qualifications. The full salary range for this position is $69,511 to $110,544.
Why is Normal hiring a Propaganda Manager?
To explain to you why everything you hear is wrong!
  • The debt is just fine.
  • Uptown is creating more prosperity than even imagined.
  • The tax and fee increases in the last decade are a figment of your imagination.
  • The insider property giveaways and ridiculous rent arrangements have been blown out of proportion.
  • Connect Transit is fiscally responsible!

I could go on.

Wasn’t it less than two years ago Normal offered buyouts to highly paid employees to reduce payroll expenses?

Why do they want to add a person and pay benefits and a pension now?

Because they are losing the PR game and they know it.

17 thoughts on “Update: Normal is hiring a Propaganda Manager

  1. I am here to help anyone thinking about applying for this position. Here is a great link to Joseph Goebbels Principles of Propaganda http://www.psywarrior.com/Goebbels.html . I would recommend memorizing this and be prepared to talk about how much you love and respect Joseph Goebbels and Fuhrer Koos. Also remember that Reich Minister Reece expects complete loyalty and attention to detail. So talk about how you love Uptown and hate right wing bloggers and people who think for themselves. She will love you for it! If you don’t currently grovel much, you should definitely practice groveling before the first interview. Remember only speak when you are spoken to and don’t indicate in any way that you have any independent thoughts in your head at all. This will be a strike against you! Toward the end of the interview, say something about how you love to ride electric buses and you are really excited about buying a Rivian made electric car. You will be in the running with statements like this and will most likely get a second interview! Good Luck and may the best talent-less a** kissing lackey win!

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  2. Hope they bring back the rumor vs. fact web page on the Normal Town Council web site. Perfect candidate for this job is Jeff Fritzen. Or maybe Uptown girl, Cheryl. Understand she’s now retired. Add to the job description, must recruit public comment speakers to speak in support of Chris Koos.

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  3. Well maybe they can shift the limp-wristed Leftist R. C. McBride over from WGLT into this position or maybe Steve Vogel! Whoever it is not only over communications but advising the City Manager you can bet they will make sure it’s one of their own biased American hating liberal Progressives!

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  4. Let me guess,the first person in the job will be named Goebbels , right? They may want to change that title to Propaganda Minister. How about BS (spelled out) minister? Either way it will be a Reece or a donor of Koo’s .

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  5. It should be clear to anyone who has been paying attention to matters in the twin cities who is going to end up with the job: Rachael Hile-Broad. She auditioned at the public comment 9-3-19 as a Koos public comment recruit. She’s the perfect fit.


  6. So the Koos administration is so desperate they are willing to pay almost $100K to hire a professional liar to defend what they can’t defend themselves? News Flash Fuhrer Koos: It is not going to work. The cat is out of the bag. The genie is out of the bottle. No amount of lies or spin will persuade the people here to not believe what they see everyday. Your corrupt socialist elitist good old boy administration has done REAL damage to the Town of Normal’s future and it will not be fixed by spinning reality or deceitful conduct. Only when you and your posse of brown shirts are replaced by sane fiscally sound public servants will the Town of Normal begin a path toward a bright future. Until then, we believe nothing you or your administrative shills say.

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  7. I would rather see the money spent fixing the roads outside of UpityTown. The cold patch in the potholes will be ripped out with the first snow plow.

    Reece and Koos’s response to the voters outcry to reduce the destruction and spending in UpityTown is; continue to ignore the people, spend more money, and hire a propagandist to spin it.

    Let the false advertising begin.

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  8. Here is the scary part…”This position serves as an adviser to the City Manager AND Town Council on community engagement…” This hired individual is to direct the elected officials as to how they can engage with the voters? SMH!!

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    1. An assistant re-election campaign manager paid for by our tax money.
      They must have figured out that the raise they gave themselves won’t buy enough advertising to overcome the truth of the situation.


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