Normal: You can’t make this stuff up

By:  Diane Benjamin

As reported in this story – Normal will reject a bid for a bike share program tonight:

The previous contract was a 3 year deal with Zagster.  I think it is safe to assume this contract wasn’t a revenue cash cow for Zagster because they didn’t bother to bid this time.

The “professional staff” dreamed up the Zagster deal that wasn’t budgeted, it was enacted with a budget amendment – meaning they decided to spend money that didn’t go through the budget process.

Imagine what the “professional staff” are dreaming up now since many of the Town amenities are closed giving them with lots of free time!

Before I show you the documentation, take a look at the minutes.  (File this in your brain in case any of these clowns decide to run for mayor)  Note nobody voted against this:

zagster minutes

Zagster docs:  September 6, 2016 – Zagster


zag 1

.A FOIA would be needed to see how much Normal actually got:

zag 2


zag 3

Taxpayers of Normal paid for Bloomington locations!.zag 4

Somebody want to FOIA who that “locally hired” mechanic was?

zag 5

Add this one to the list of failed programs the “professional staff” has wasted your money on.  I hope everyone understands “limited government” someday.  Taxpayers should not be forced to fund folly to pad resumes of the “professional staff”.

Elections April 2020!

Elect Marc Tiritilli mayor and nonsense will never make it to an agenda.

7 thoughts on “Normal: You can’t make this stuff up

  1. Theft. Legalized theft. When will these clowns learn? If someone wants to ride a bicycle for whatever reason, they will go out and buy one. Yard sale, for sale ads, even Koos’ over-priced Chinese crap. Buy it yourself!

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  2. If you’re happy this program is being dropped, thank Stan. Koos and his gang are grandstanding by setting up and then promptly rejecting this program as if they’re good stewards of taxpayer money. Ha! In reality, we all know that absent Stan this program would have been rubber-stamped by the Council. Koos made a political calculation in that he didn’t want Stan to pull the item and expose the failure of the previous contract and discuss how much money was lost and would be lost going forward. Great win for the taxpayers!

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    1. I assume you mean somebody who was let go for having the audacity to try to save taxpayer money? I would think most people would find that a refreshing change of pace vs electing the usual people that run up hundreds or even thousands of dollars of debt, Per Person, on unnecessary spending.

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